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Jun 14 2008

Obama Is Trying To Be Sooo Macho-Man, But America Doesn’t Want Someone With A Short, Violent Fuse

  Obama is green and naive. Has never had to actually run a competitive race. When he won his state senate seat he knee-capped a respected liberal woman icon and had all other contenders tossed off the ballot. Obama ran unopposed. When he won his US Senate seat partisan judges went and opened up the […]

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Jun 14 2008

US Takes Out Another Terrorist In Pakistan With A Missile

If you fire on US assets – even armed robot airplanes – you will pay the price: An unmanned drone aircraft launched a missile after coming under fire from the ground in Pakistan’s tribal belt bordering Afghanistan Saturday, killing one militant, officials said. The incident in Makeen, in the insurgency-hit South Waziristan tribal region, comes […]

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Jun 14 2008

Sadrists and Iranians Losing Support And Ground In Iraq

A couple of weeks ago Iraqi (Arab) Shiite-cleric-in-hiding (in Iraq with his Persian Shiite hosts) Moqtada al-Sadr called for weekly protests against the American “occupation”.  This was Sadr’s last gasp as Sadr City fell under Iraqi control and the Mahdi Militia were beaten back in their main stronghold in Sadr City.  This was only a […]

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