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Jun 06 2008

Michelle Obama Tape Rumor Actually From Fiction Novel?

This is way too weird (and convenient) to be coincidence: A major plot line of the novel is the presidential campaign of Democrat Jesse Wood, aiming to be the country’s first African American president — “Wood was handsome, smart, charismatic, and being mentioned increasingly often in the press as someone who could unite a twenty-first […]

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Jun 06 2008

More Scientific Evidence That Disproves The Global Warming Hysteria

The basic tenant of global warming spoon fed to gullible masses is CO2 levels drive the global temperature. They claim this because CO2 is a green house gas (so is water vapor) part of the process heat trapping the Earth’s atmosphere does so we are protected from the frigid cold of space. The theory is […]

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Jun 06 2008

Obama Spinning So Fast He’s Not Sure What He Is Saying

At AIPAC Obama made some claims which don’t wring true with his previous positions and with comments right after the event.  First was his claim that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard should be considered and international terrorist group: Expect the big story coming out of AIPAC to be Obama’s declaration that he thinks the Iranian Revolutionary […]

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Jun 06 2008

Has Science Proven Barrack Obama Cannot Win This Fall?

Caught this interesting post (from the lunatics at No Quarter no less) off of Memorandum, which actually references an interesting article on how an astrophysicist used proven modeling theory to calculate that Barrack Obama – as it stands nows – would lose the election this fall: According to an astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, if the […]

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Jun 06 2008

Sorry For The Site Problems

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We have been experiencing troubles with our website hosting all week and today is worse than usual. Sadly LJStrata is off today and takes care of these things (welcome to the world of Mom & Pop websites). Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Jun 06 2008

Michelle Obama Tape Probably Exists – Why Is The News Media Withholding it?

Update:  Gateway Pundit has an audio tape of Obama blaming “white folks greed” for war and famine as cruise ships throw away more food in a day than starving children see in a year (complain to the government agencies which don’t allow left over food to be distributed, don’t go blaming Whitey):   Well, that’s […]

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Jun 06 2008

Obama Not Doing Well In Polls – Yet

Drudge as the following alert up regarding the latest polls: To be released by RASMUSSEN: National Poll Shows Bounce for Obama; Obama now leads McCain 48% to 43%…. Developing… Wow – five whole points!  Except the last poll from Rasmussen had Obam up 2 points.  What kind of ‘bounce’ is 3 points?  Most polls are […]

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