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Nov 28 2007

The Main Front On The War On Terror Moves To Pakistan

With al-Qaeda now spent in Iraq the focus of the war on terror is moving to Pakistan. There had been reports that the Pakistanis (with possible help from imbedded US Special Forces against certain targets) would start to purge Pakistan of foreign fighters that have been massing in that country for some months now. It […]

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Nov 27 2007

Fly By 11/27/07

Lots and lots happening related to Iraq and little time to post this morning – so back to the Fly By format. Top of the list is the neutering of the far left’s attempts to pull out of Iraq and destroy our currently fragile progress that was so hard fought for (and sacrificed for) this […]

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Nov 26 2007

Reality vs. Hollywood’s Sick Fantasies

To understand the depravity of Hollywood and the depth of their stilted, low brow lives one need only do the following exercise. Here is how it works. First you go to Michael Yon’s site and you remind yourself of the power of this real world image from Iraq. Then you go to this review of […]

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Nov 26 2007

Iranian Backed Shiite Traitors Bombed Iraqi Muslims

Want to see the end of sectarian violence? You can see it when the Islamo Fascist start killing fellow Muslims because they are losing control. It is now the classic last ditch act of the terrorists to bomb and oppress fellow Muslims as their grip on them disappears. So what do people think the message […]

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Nov 26 2007

Democrats Fold Like Lawn-Chair On Iraq, Decide They Need To Support Troops

Well, it only took the Thanksgiving Holiday for the Surrendercrats to realize they really “Scrooged” our brave men and women on the front lines of the war efforts Congress itself authorized – by overwhelming majorities – when they went on vacation and without funding their needs and protections. It was one of the most crass […]

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Nov 26 2007

The Media And Its Blinders Continue To Cripple Our National Defense

The news media is supposed to run with solid stories with very little doubt to them – in order to stand up against legal backlashes. Think of it has publishing as if presenting a case in court. Of course this guideline can be blasted when bias and political agenda as we saw in RaThergate and […]

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Nov 25 2007

Fly By 11/25/07

Some more quick hits on stories I was reading this morning before heading out for the day. Turkey has a man in jail who claims to have trained the 9-11 hijackers. While this could be faux bravado or some effort to divert attention, the man does seem to have the characteristics one would expect in […]

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Nov 24 2007

They Will Give PhD’s To Any Damn Fool With Money

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Some “experts” in physics in the UK have decided mankind’s destruction of the world through Global Warming is not extreme enough. Now they claim our viewing the light coming from distant worlds is in actuality destroying the universe – I kid you not! The startling claim is made by a pair of American cosmologists investigating […]

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Nov 24 2007

Fly By 11/24/07

A bit busy this Thanksgiving weekend, hope everyone is had a great Thanksgiving day. We are spending some excellent family time together, so blogging will be light for a few days. But I won’t leave folks totally high and dry, so here is a Fly By of some interesting stories on al-Qaeda and Iraq. One […]

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Nov 22 2007

More Media Ignorance On Stem Cells

The proponents of embryonic stem cell research continue to deny their mistakes in light of the new process of turning skin cells into stem cells. And they continue to try and rationalize why they were not that wrong, and in the process exposing their gaping ignorance of the basic science of biology that is at […]

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