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Nov 20 2007

Massive Migration Of Iraqis Back Home Signal War’s Success End

What does it tell us if hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees are returning to Iraq? Update: I guess we can add another metric to the mix of indicators showing a path to victory in Iraq: Civilian casualties are down 60% across Iraq since June, Smith said, and the figure for the capital is even […]

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Nov 20 2007

Why I See Victory Is At Hand In Iraq

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Update: Jeff at DadManly thinks the Iraqis deserve “Times Persons Of The Year” award. I agree, and the Nobel Peace Prize as well. – end update I have to say I think we are moving from ‘winning’ in Iraq to ‘won’ in Iraq. As the stories of normalcy returning to Iraqi society continue to come […]

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Nov 20 2007

Congrats To Jawa Report For Nabbing AP-Embedded Terrorist Propaganda Agent

Bumped – update below The SurrenderMedia sees what it wants to see. It sees profits and it sees liberal political dominance. And anything that supports those two visions is all some care about – that is the essence of their ‘journalism’. Well blogs have a different standard. And so it was probably not hard for […]

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Nov 20 2007

Say Goodbye To Harvesting Young Humans For Spare Parts

The need for Embryonic Stem Cell Research is now gone. Instead of creating factories full of young human beings (they ain’t monkey embryos) and heading towards a future where there are more human embryos waiting to be harvested for spare parts than in wombs waiting to live, the Adult Stem Cell path has proven to […]

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Nov 20 2007

Pakistan Continues To Press Terrorists, Will Allow Greater US Presence In Fight

I noted a while back that I felt Musharraf would make a final push to purge his country of the terrorists, and he might even invoke the help of the US. The stories, like this one, keep coming out of Pakistan concerning the push to cleanse the lawless lands of Pakistan of Islamic extremists. But […]

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Nov 20 2007

Note To Dems: Never Play Politics With The Lives Of Americans On The Front Lines

The current crop (or is that ‘crap’) of Democrat Leaders is a wonder of a disaster. They cannot accept victory in Iraq, so they try to short shrift those on the front lines. Gingrich tried a shutdown of government services to force President Clinton to do the bidding of Congress. Lots of people got angry […]

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Nov 20 2007

Help Support This Blog

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Sorry folks for the blegging, but if you could start your Amazon Christmas shopping here at the Strata-Sphere by clicking through the link on the top right column you would be supporting this blog at no cost to you. Amazon will be passing some of their profits our way, but it is not a lot. […]

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