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Nov 21 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Lies Continue

Stem Cell Lies Continue – but at least it is the falsehood of pretending what positions the ESCR fanatics took now that they have egg on their face with the recent news on stem cells derived from skin cells. Those who claimed you had to kill young humans to gain access to stem cells are […]

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Nov 21 2007

Dems Really Do Want To Reverse Course In Iraq, They Want To Lose

OK, I did not think the Surrendercrats in Congress were so self-destructive and stupid they would go all out and try and reverse all the progress in Iraq. I was wrong. They are that stupid. If we withdraw al-Qaeda will try and regain a modicum of success from their butt whooping they have received. As […]

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Nov 21 2007

A CIA Dupe Falls For Bin Laden’s BS

What can one say about the former CIA head of the Bin Laden unit, who prior to 9-11 underestimated Bin Laden’s abilities, now taking each exaggeration and faux bravado quote by Bin Laden as gospel? Nearly a month since Osama bin Laden published his message to “our people in Iraq”, it is worth taking a […]

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Nov 21 2007

How Iraq Was Turned To Success

I have to admit, even I hesitate at times to say Iraq is a victory – but it is. Yes, there is an ever dwindling chance al-Qaeda will attack their fellow Muslims in Iraq and inflict more atrocities on them. But it would be their last act as part of Islam, because they would then […]

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Nov 21 2007

Very Cool Website

Want to see an up to date map of terrorist activities and associated news stories? Go here – it’s awesome.

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