Nov 26 2007

Iranian Backed Shiite Traitors Bombed Iraqi Muslims

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Want to see the end of sectarian violence? You can see it when the Islamo Fascist start killing fellow Muslims because they are losing control. It is now the classic last ditch act of the terrorists to bomb and oppress fellow Muslims as their grip on them disappears. So what do people think the message is in Iraq when we discover Iranian-backed Shiite Muslims are now confessing to the recent bombing of an open market in Iraq?

Four members of an Iranian-backed Shiite cell confessed to bombing a public market in central Baghdad, a U.S. spokesman said Saturday. He also blamed Shiites for recent attacks on U.S. bases, raising fears that a three-month truce by the most feared Shiite militia may be at an end.

The blast Friday in the al-Ghazl pet market killed at least 15 people, wounded 56 and shattered a growing sense of public confidence that has emerged following a sharp decline in the bombings and shootings that once rattled the Iraqi capital daily.

During overnight raids, U.S. and Iraqi soldiers arrested four members of an unidentified Shiite “special groups cell,” who confessed to the bombing, U.S. spokesman Rear Adm. Gregory Smith told reporters.

“Based on subsequent confessions, forensics and other intelligence, the bombing was the work of an Iranian-backed special groups cell operating here in Baghdad,” Smith said, adding that he was not accusing Iran itself of ordering the blast.

My feeling is the Iraqis will react as a whole and start taking out these animals like they did the Sunni Arab al-Qaeda Islamo Fascists. The SurrenderMedia keeps acting as if the Iraqi people are sheep – like them. But the fact is the Iraqis are not easily cowed. I would wager these acts will not raise followers, but will raise up a posse of hunters to kill those who threaten the community. Because there are certain tenants of Arab and Muslim culture which transcend the sects. One is the honor of protecting yours and your neighbors. The second is the sense of community because families tend to stay put and build bonds – something our transient society cannot easily grasp or understand.

The fact is these killers were tracked down really fast. Which tells me they do not have the support of the Iraqi community and will probably see the end of a traitor’s noose and not the Nirvana of a martyrs heaven.

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3 Responses to “Iranian Backed Shiite Traitors Bombed Iraqi Muslims”

  1. kathie says:

    Someone needs to take out Sadr.

  2. stevevvs says:

    Stanley Kurtz has another excellent piece on Pakistan. It’s supurb!

    Just look for it there. Read it all.

  3. Terrye says:

    I am not sure Sadr is even the problem anymore, it is the people Sadr can not control that are the biggest problem. A lot of these people are just thugs.