Nov 26 2007

Reality vs. Hollywood’s Sick Fantasies

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To understand the depravity of Hollywood and the depth of their stilted, low brow lives one need only do the following exercise. Here is how it works. First you go to Michael Yon’s site and you remind yourself of the power of this real world image from Iraq.

Then you go to this review of the DePalma’s insanity captured in his sick fantasy “Redacted”, and read the following.

After Salazar tells us that “Basically here, s*** happens”, the film moves to a faux French documentary focusing on a checkpoint in Samarra, Iraq manned by Salazar’s platoon. Soldiers are patrolling near the checkpoint and we are shown one being rude to kids, an overweight soldier sweating, and various bored soldiers flipping a lighter open and closed, squeezing an empty water bottle, or fidgeting with a machine gun cartridge. Those unflattering views represent the best treatment that a soldier receives in “Redacted”.

Other “bests” in the film include

• The most civil behavior demonstrated by soldiers: When a car pulls into a checkpoint, the soldiers are inexplicably rude and aggressive to the car’s passengers who are following every order they’re given. When a soldier asks the translator if the Iraqis are afraid of a large bomb-sniffing dog, another soldier responds “Who gives a f**k? F**k ‘em!”

OK – got the message? See how depraved DePalma could be? You can not be more wrong. Go back to Micheal Yon’s image again, soak up the reality, and then read this portion of the review:

• The most flattering description of soldiers: Flake, who was shown earlier with a Hustler magazine, is asked by his sergeant what he did before joining the army. Flake’s answer: “I was hanging out, f***ing around, getting drunk, trying to stay out of jail”. The sergeant then says “This right here is the cream of the army recruits”.

• The most complimentary description of Iraqis by a soldier: The sergeant then proceeds to insult some local kids as “smiling soccer-playing s**t-birds”.

But that is not enough, in my opinion, to understand the depths of depravity now haunting the boobs in Hollywood. Let’s look at this picture for a moment to cleanse our souls of the sickness oozing out of Hollywood. Sadly it will only be a temporary cleansing as we once again visit the sickness that is Hollywood:

Back at the checkpoint, a car goes through, not speeding, but not stopping. The machine-gunner, Flake, who was (of course) asleep, awakes with a start and blasts the car. We then see a bloody pregnant woman being taken to the hospital where she dies and we learn that she was in labor and on her way to give birth. Of course, the Americans killed an attractive, young, pregnant woman. How else would De Palma have it? Indeed, not once is a US soldier shown combating a terrorist; only harassing or murdering civilians.

Just check out this image from Iraq and you can decide. In fact, before we go back into the ugly soul of Hollywood we may want to build up an immunity to the poisonous fantasies of DePalma and his crowd. So stop by this image, this image and this image before we go back to the review. OK, ready to delve back into the muck? Here we go:

When the soldiers are back in the camp, Salazar interviews Flake and Specialist B.B. Rush (Daniel Stewart Sherman), a fat, ignorant redneck who is “dumber than s**t, but he’s loyal.” Salazar says “Yesterday, Flake blew away his first civilian” and asks Flake how he feels “about that Haji (he) smoked”.

Flake’s response made me want to leave the movie (I didn’t), and boycott De Palma and Mark Cuban forever (I shall, and I encourage Dallas residents to shun the Mavericks until Cuban apologizes or dies): “The only language these sand ni***rs understand is force….Truth be told, it wasn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. I mean, I thought my first kill shot would blow my mind, but it was nothing. I was like gutting catfish.” A couple minutes later, he adds “Waxing Hajis is like stomping cockroaches.”

Repeat this process until you can get through all the mindless mudslinging this ‘film’ encompasses. Are these the images of Iraq or just the images of a sick mind stuck in a cocoon of isolation and wealth and some weird form of jealous insecurity?

The fact is those committing the atrocities are well known to the Iraqis. They are al-Qaeda and they torture, maim, kill, rape and kidnap women for forced marriages for political effect. DePalma’s pathetic and immature fantasy world does not reflect the American military, but is much closer to representing the enemy we are fighting in Iraq. As the reviewer notes, this film is a perfect recruiting tool for al-Qaeda. Hollywood is clearly support al-Qaeda by attempting blame the US for al-Qaeda’s actions. There is only one way to deal with sick, misguided people like those we see in Hollywood. Boycott them so they can feel reality up close. Once their financial barricades that relieve them of the need to live amongst the rest of us are removed they will see for themselves what is really going on. And what is really going on is some of America’s finest (well above what most in Hollywood could ever achieve in their petty, spoiled lives) are taking on an evil and brutal enemy and winning.

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6 Responses to “Reality vs. Hollywood’s Sick Fantasies”

  1. Terrye says:

    I guess that explains why no one wants to see it. Except the Europeans of course. And I wonder if even they believe half this crap.

  2. TomAnon says:

    I think Mark Cuban(a financier of “Redacted”) bears mentioning for a Boycott as well and anything associated with him such as the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA.

  3. Traitors is as Traitors does….

  4. Firma says:

    I guess that explains why no one wants to see it. Except the Europeans of course. And I wonder if even they believe half this crap.


  5. WWS says:

    Very few reviews available, since almost no one went to see it (including film critics) but the few that are out indicate that this is a pathetically bad piece of film making, so bad that it makes the cinematogrophy in “Blair Witch Project” look good by comparison. And this from people who politically might be inclined to sympathize with the sentiments!

    I’m still pissed at Cuban for sponsoring this fiasco, but at least its a consolation to know that this is going to be a total financial loss for anyone who had anything to do with it. Sadly, its only future use is likely to be as an Al Qaeda training video in the mideastern countries, where I’m sure among certain groups it will be a regular saturday night feature.

  6. Dc says:

    That’s the problem with BDS, it makes you arrogant enough to believe that everybody thinks and cares about things the same way you do. And of course…since “everybody” thinks like they do…the fact that nobody is going to see their award winning film is a conspiracy by Boosh and his minions.