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Nov 06 2007

The True War Crime In Iraq Is The Biased Reporting

One of our readers pointed me to this blunt and scathing assessment of the biased reporting on Iraq which, in essence, presents a fantasy world view of Iraq at odds with what people in country are experiencing. And for one reporter who seems to still have a journalistic credo, the situation between what is being […]

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Nov 06 2007

Updates On Syria’s Destroyed Nuclear Facility

Jackson Diehl at the WaPo has some interesting predictions on the secrecy surrounding Israel’s destruction of a nuclear weapons facility in Syria two months ago: It was two months ago tomorrow that Israeli warplanes bombed what Israel and the United States believed was a nascent Syrian nuclear complex along the shore of the Euphrates River. […]

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Nov 06 2007

More Metrics On Success In Iraq

The news media is too quiet. Are they stunned at how wrong they were in predicting defeat in Iraq? Are they going to become the Modern “Tokyo Rose” and spin propaganda for our enemies like the AP did this week in pretending there has not been a significant drop off in violence in Iraq? Is […]

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