Nov 27 2007

Fly By 11/27/07

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Lots and lots happening related to Iraq and little time to post this morning – so back to the Fly By format.

Top of the list is the neutering of the far left’s attempts to pull out of Iraq and destroy our currently fragile progress that was so hard fought for (and sacrificed for) this past year. That neutering is in the negotiations between Iraq and the Bush administration on the long term role the US will have in Iraq. See here, here and here for the basics, the point is the far left cannot turn down a request by a Muslim/Arab nation to help protect it from al-Qaeda and other extreme Islamist terror outfits. The far left will implode over these steps, and the Democrat presidential candidates will find all their proposals for Iraq usurped and meaningless. The UN may run out on Iraq, but the US will not.

The wave of what is happening in Iraq is finally hitting the SurrenderMedia. For today’s dose reality you can go here, here and here.

The political fall out from the change in Iraq is weeks from settling in (we still have month’s more of good news to come out of Iraq). But you can see some early indicators here and here, and it is not good news for the dems of course (which is probably why they are slipping in the presidential polls). I think this person summed up the precarious position the Dems are in when they call for political progress in Iraq. Given their horrible track record they have no room to demand progress from any other legislative body.

Finally, the progress in Iraq is due to the efforts and sacrifices of US forces and Iraqi forces and Iraqi citizens. You can see more of this progress here, here and here.

Have a great day!

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  1. kathie says:

    …….and a President more interested in results then polls.

  2. stevevvs says:

    and a President more interested in results then polls

    Which brings me to a superb article by Former Federal Prosecuter, Andrew C. Mc Carthy:

    Simply Awesome.

  3. stevevvs says: You can purchase what I’m about to tell you about thru AJs link.
    A friend baught a DVD Documentary at Amazon that all should see.

    COCHISE COUNTY, USA: Cries From The Border

    Now, first let me state this DVD is totaly balanced. It gives you individules and groups who are FOR mass Illegal Aliens, and it gives you those opposed. But it gives you so much more. It starts with dozens upon dozens of Aliens entering thru a barb wire fence. Cochies Counties border is only 83.5 miles. Yet, over 1.2 million Aliens per year enter thru this county. And according to the Border Patrol in the DVD, they catch about 33%.
    This DVD has interviews with County Sherriffs, Border Agents, Forest Service People, Land owners, activists, etc. They show you the dead bodies in the desert, the trash, everywhere, the drugs, etc. It’s very good. It has something for everyone, pro or con.
    It also gives you Government Stats on everything related to this issue pertaining to this County, as well as some from the Tucson Sector.

    No matter what your stance, this DVD is for everyone. It just shows you exactly what it is like to live there, the good and the bad.

    Thought I’d mention it in case there is anyone interested in actualy seeing for yourself a balanced look of just what these folks deal with everyday.

    Take care

  4. Boghie says:

    This might be a bit premature…

    Being that the lefty trackers at the ICC may not have entered recent data due to holidays or whatever…


    The Coalition Allies have not had a fatality since 2007/11/22.

    Hope and Pray this pattern continues.

  5. stevevvs says:

    Perhaps Michael Yon needs to check this out:

    Christians forced to emigrate from Iraq
    “Attacks target doctors, lawyers, professors, journalists.”

    “Prelate Says Mosul Christians Targeted,” from Zenit (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist):

    ROME, NOV. 26, 2007 ( The bishop of Mosul, Iraq, said that in his city, as in other parts of the nation, there is an effort to force Christians and educated professionals to emigrate.
    Bishop Faraj Raho, a member of the delegation that accompanied newly elevated Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, Chaldean patriarch of Baghdad, to Rome for Saturday’s consistory, spoke with AsiaNews about the continuing conflict in Mosul.

    “Unlike Baghdad, the situation in Mosul is not improving,” said Bishop Raho. “It is apparent that U.S.-led coalition forces have begun ‘cleaning up’ the country in the south where the influence of Iran and Syria is strongest: Basra, Ramadi, Baquba and Baghdad. As the United States moves up, so do the terrorists, who are now concentrated in Mosul.”

    “In Mosul,” he continued, “religious persecution is more noticeable than elsewhere, because the city is split along religious lines. Unlike Kirkuk, where divisions are ethnic with Kurds, Turkmen and Arabs vying for Christian support, the division between Muslims and Christians is sharper in Mosul.”

    The bishop said there is a move to empty the city of its Christian inhabitants, though he said “such a plan does not target Christians alone, but the intelligentsia and the professional class as well, Muslims included.”

    “However, if Christians are only 3% of the city’s total population, they represent 35% of those with a higher education. Forcing these people to leave means preventing the country from rising again. It means fueling ignorance, which is a support for terrorism,” Bishop Raho explained.

    He continued, “Such a plan is under way elsewhere in the country. Attacks target doctors, lawyers, professors, journalists. The plan is the brainchild of those who run international politics and Iraq’s neighbors. No one wants a free and independent Iraq because it would be too strong. Together we would constitute a great intellectual and economic power. By keeping the country weak and divided, it is easier to dominate it.”…

  6. crosspatch says:

    I think everyone has been aware of the plight of the Christians in Iraq for several years now. What will be interesting to see is if they are able to return home too.

    In the 1970’s Iraq was the most advanced of the Arab countries in engineering, medicine, science, and technology. Much of the infrastructure that was bombed out during the war was built during that period. Baghdad was renowned for the medical schools and other institutions of higher learning. I believe it will be so again and with technology based on American know-how, not Russian or Chinese crap.

    I am willing to bet a burger and a coke that Baghdad will be the best place in the Arab world for an American to visit in 10 years time.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Just out of Iraq today:

    (KUNA) — Leading Shiite cleric in Iraq Ali Sistani Tuesday banned the killing of Iraqis, particularly the Sunnis, and urged the Shiites to protect their brother Sunnis. Sistani bans the Iraqi blood in general the blood of Sunnis in particular. His announcement came during a meeting with a delegation from Sunni clerics from southern and northern Iraq. The clerics are visiting Najaf to participate in the first national conference for Ulemaa of Shiites and Sunnis.

    Sistani called on the Shiites to protect their Sunni brothers, according to Sheikh Khaled Al-Mulla, head of the authority of Ulemaa of Southern Iraq, noting that the Fatwa of Sistani would have positive impacts nationwide. “I am a servant of all Iraqis, there is no difference between a Sunni, a Shitte or a Kurd or a Christian,” Al-Mulla quoted Sistani as saying during the meeting.

    Sistani warned the Sunni clerics from the plans of the enemies to plant seeds of discord among the Iraqis. The visiting delegation voiced relief for the meeting and said they backed Sistani’s stance.