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Oct 18 2007

Who Will Defect More – Dem or Rep Women On Hill?

A Clinton pollster is predicting 25% of Rep women will defect to support Hillary. Not sure what he is smoking (or selling snake oil to) but I doubt that many Rep women will lose the moral compasses and vote on pure gender similarities. Just can’t visualize them to think so non-sensically. It is not a […]

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Oct 18 2007

The Democrats And Their Big OOPS!

Addendum: For all those liberal reactionaries mired in their OOPS mindset, and screaming “Bush” can do this or that and spy on anyone, a word of reality. Bush doesn’t select the targets of NSA monitoring – he doesn’t determine who is an overseas terrorist. The selection of who to monitor overseas is done through intelligence […]

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Oct 18 2007

Mother McCain

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OK, this is too cool for John McCain. To squelch critics that he is too old to run for President (I am nervous about his hot-head temper which flairs on rare occasions, not so much his age) John McCain has had Mother McCain come out and introduce him at campaign events. Congrats Mother McCain for […]

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Oct 18 2007

75% Of Fake Bombs Get Through LAX Security Screening

I have flown to LA three times this year, and coming back yesterday I could not help but notice two things. First off the United Terminal was so empty I walked up to a baggage check-in Kiosk without any wait and I walked up to security without any wait. Mark that down in the history […]

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