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Oct 09 2007

Don’t Target Sick Or Hurt Children For Political Debate

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New Major Update Below – proof the whole mess was unnecessary: Bush’s version of plan would not have changed a thing for the Frost family. I have to say this is one of those days I am glad to be an unaffiliated voter. I lean GOP (heavily) but there are days when it is a […]

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Oct 09 2007

Pakistan Pounding Terrorist Encampments In Tribal Frontier

The battle is now raging in the tribal regions of Pakistan. It was pretty clear Musharraf would wait until after the voting was done regarding his next term as President. And now with that out of the way there is a massive effort to destroy the massing forces of al Qaeda and Militant Taliban. Good […]

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Oct 09 2007

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Falsehoods

A UK court is looking into all the falsehoods Al Gore placed in his science fiction movie “Inconvenient Truth”. It seems the court needed to determine what was truth and fiction so that when it is played to school children they don’t start believing falsehoods are facts. The list is of Gore’s inconvenient falsehoods is […]

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Oct 09 2007

al Qaeda’s Masscre Of Muslims Continues, Shiites Unite, Calm Extending Across Iraq

al Qaeda is continuing to execute its disasterous policy of massacring Muslims in order to demonstrate how it can lead Muslims to Nirvanna. It is a sick display of how fascists can become addicted to killing and maiming and torturing to the point they don’t even notice the fact their cover stories don’t even fool […]

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Oct 09 2007

Who Leaked al Qaeda Secrets To The Media This Time?

Update: Jawa Report notes the ABC tape leaked had a 9/6/07 translation date and that SITE supposedly gave the tape to the White House on 9/7. Sadlly I don’t see the conflict. All it means is the translation happened the day before the tape was sent out to the White House. OK, where’s the inconsistency? […]

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