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Oct 17 2007

Shareholders Flee Ethically Bankrupt NY Times

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The news media’s most valued asset, as a business, is its credibility to provide news (not propaganda). Here is what I wrote back in June 2005 when the NY Times started its propaganda putsche: If you have money invested in stock of the NYTimes – sell it now. The only value a news organization has […]

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Oct 17 2007

Defeat Of al-Qaeda In Anbar And Diyala Provinces

While the US commanders in Iraq are wisely waiting to declare any complete victory of al-Qaeda in Iraq, there prime hot spots of Anbar and Diyala Provinces are clearly victories, and the US forces are making adjustments as a result. First in Diyala: he Associated Press is reporting that U.S. forces in Iraq will begin […]

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Oct 17 2007

Syrians Admit To Nuclear Facility Being Attacked By Israel

Seems some frustration at the UN led some Syrian diplomats to admit, albeit off the record, that they did indeed lose a secret nuclear facility to a recent Israeli air raid: The Israeli delegation to the talks, headed by Miriam Ziv, the Foreign Ministry’s deputy director general for strategic affairs, accused Syria of smuggling mass […]

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Oct 17 2007

90% Disapprove Of Screwed Up Dem Congress

The public mood is not good when it comes to DC. The Dems scorched-earth efforts in gaining power are starting to destroy this country’s confidence in its leaders. A new poll shows 11% approve of Congress – which means nearly 90% dissapprove. While Bush is losing ground (mainly to frustrated and angry conservatives who are […]

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Oct 17 2007

Fly By 10/17/07

Some of you maybe can tell by the light posting I am on travel again. It’s going to be like this for about 3-4 weeks. Anyway, I should be able to update some posts later this afternoon but here are some stories I find interesting: On the politics front the GOP is being given a […]

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