Oct 18 2007

Who Will Defect More – Dem or Rep Women On Hill?

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A Clinton pollster is predicting 25% of Rep women will defect to support Hillary. Not sure what he is smoking (or selling snake oil to) but I doubt that many Rep women will lose the moral compasses and vote on pure gender similarities. Just can’t visualize them to think so non-sensically.

It is not a question of some crossovers, there always are some. Who will lose more – that is the question. My bet is the number of Dem women who are unnerved by Hillary and Bill back in their pre 9-11 mindset running the country (and risking the lives of our children and family) will prove to be Hill’s big problem. I still think when all is said and done more Dem women will defect that Rep women. But we shall see.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    Learn to read Barbara:

    No one said anything about dem women voting republican.

    The whole premise of AJ’s post was that one pollster predicted that up to 25% of Republican women might defect and vote for Hillary. AJ then theorized that there might be MORE Democratic women than that defecting and voting Republican.

  2. djl130 says:

    AJ – EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE needs to get Barbara Olsen’s book about Hillary “Hell to Pay.” I am reading it right now and it is just flat out scary! Does everyone know that she interned one summer with STALANISTS? The HEAD of the COMMUNIST party in the US? OMG! And she thinks that parents should be subunits to the state when it comes to children’s rights. SUBUNITS. A Subunit in the larger decision making process of your child’s life. All the BIG stuff belongs in the courts. Think about that. Think about your relationship to your child and then think about certain disciplinary moves you had to make during the teen years and then imagine you are not the adult because the STATE has the ultimate power in all decisions, you are merely a SUB UNIT and then the child decides to go to court to claim their right to STAY OUT INTIL 4 A.M. —- this is scary scary scary

  3. AJStrata says:

    OK djl,

    You caught my interest. Going to get the book!