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Oct 24 2007

20,000 Iraqis Sign Up To Destroy al-Qaeda

Harry Reid is really regretting he ever opened his mouth and declared the Surge a failure (and we all know he did it before it even started getting in place). If I was a GOP strategist I would play commercial after commercial that begins with Harry Reid’s idiotic claim, and then follow up with one […]

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Oct 24 2007

MSNBC Suggests Terrorists Bomb Baghdad Or Surrender Forces In US Will Give Up

I have been writing for months about how the symbiosis between the Surrendercrats and SurrenderMedia here in the US and the terrorist forces in Iraq have created a sickening co-dependent relartionship, where the terrorists bomb innocent people, the SurrenderMedia plays up all the blood and gore (and none of the progress in the direction of […]

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