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Oct 02 2007

A Marine Speaks Out In Support Of The War In Iraq

Credibility on the Iraq war is very important. Keyboard warriors like myself, and keyboard surrenderers from the left, who have not been to Iraq have limited if any credibility on what is going on in Iraq. We can voice our views. But we should always rely on those who have been there to provide the […]

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Oct 02 2007

Summer’s Artic Melt Happened A Century Ago, Can’t Be Green House Gases

Another shrill ‘the sky is melting’ article which includes the very information a REAL scientist would note as evidence that defies the cries of man-made Global Warming. For the man-made Global Warming theory to hold up the current warming must be without precedence since the boomb in human population and industrial output. That means we […]

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Oct 02 2007

Israel Confirms Air Strike On Syria

Israel has finally publically acknowledged its recent air strike deep inside Syria: The army confirmed on Tuesday for the first time that the IAF did, in fact, hit a target deep inside Syria on September 6. This was the only detail released for publication; Israel has kept quiet on the subject until now. … The […]

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Oct 02 2007

Is al-Qaeda’s Final Stand Occurring In Pakistan and Afghanistan?

I have posted for months on the fact there are some interesting happenings going on in the tribal regions of Pakistan which border with Afghanistan. The Frontier Tribal Areas and Waziristan Provinces are the site of a building al-Qaeda presence. Some see this as a sign of a growing and strengthening al-Qaeda. I think it […]

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