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Oct 22 2007

Too Little, Too Late Bin Laden Calls For End To al-Qaeda Atrocities

In a last ditch effort to stem the rising backlash that is building across Islam in response to the numerous and brutal atrocities al-Qaeda has inflicted on Iraqi Muslims Bin Laden is pleading from his besieged hideout for terrorists to stop terrorizing: Osama bin Laden called for Iraqi insurgents to unite and avoid divisive “extremism,” […]

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Oct 22 2007

Newsweek Declares Iraq Unsafe For al-Qaeda, Iraqis See War Deaths Drop Nearly 100%

Update: Reuters has more details on the stunning changes in Iraq. They hillariously claim the 65-82% drop in violence in the areas now purged of al-Qaeda by The Surge is “Gradual Progress” – demonstrating the depth of their denial and bias. And they note that those locations al-Qaeda was chased to had – surprise! – […]

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Oct 22 2007

The Daschle Effect, How To Lose Your Majority Leader

The Democrats have a serious problem, half their base supports policies that are repulsive to Americans in general. The far left socialists, uber-liberal wing is stuck in the fantasy world of the early 1900’s and are all for repeating the disasters of the Soviet Union and those policies still dogging Europe (socialized medicine). One of […]

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