Oct 17 2007

90% Disapprove Of Screwed Up Dem Congress

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The public mood is not good when it comes to DC. The Dems scorched-earth efforts in gaining power are starting to destroy this country’s confidence in its leaders. A new poll shows 11% approve of Congress – which means nearly 90% dissapprove. While Bush is losing ground (mainly to frustrated and angry conservatives who are in a weird self destruct mode of their own) and now stands at 24%, he still has twice the support of Congress. And he doesn’t have to face the voters again. You must be screwing up of nearly 90% of the country believes you are.

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  1. roonent1 says:


    Rasmussen has GW at 37%. I will take that is a more reliable source than Reuters (anti-American) and Zogby (self-proclaimedLiberal that called the 2004 election as Kerry’s to lose). You can be they have intentionally ran GW’s numbers down, while propping Pelosi and Reid’s numbers up to keep them in double digits. My bet is Rasmussen is right about GW and Congress approval ratings are under the 10% level in single digits.

  2. Soothsayer says:

    George is at 24% – lowest ever for him. Plus, the poor poll numbers for Congress are not broken out by AJ. Democrats who don’t approve of Congress are angry because the incompetent fool in the White House has not had Articles of Impeachment filed against him yet.

    In any case – Bush’s numbers are far more important – because they reflect the overall public distaste for Republicoidism. Meanwhile . . . the debacle in Iraq gets worse (not better, Kool-Aid drinkers):

    Turkish parliament okays invading Iraq.

    Larry Craig is “out” doing interviews. (One look at his make-up ought to clear up any misconceptions that he is not gay. He’s a screamin’ queen, for God’s sake).

    Big Donors are staying away from the Republicoids in droves.

    Fred Thompson has tanked.

    McCain can’t raise a nickel.

    Crude oil for November delivery closed at a new high of $87.61 a barrel, up $1.48. And we haven’t even bombed Iran yet. Mmm, $100.oo oil and an Escalade . . . how droll.

    Non-combat related deaths in Iraq spike wildly.

    George Bush continues to be the worst president in American history.


  3. lurker9876 says:

    Gee, I am laughing. This has to be one of the most hilarious posts that I’ve read in a long time.

    Congress’ ratings being lower than Bush is far more important because Bush is on his way out.

    Bush is working with Turkey to back off on invading northern Iraq. Hope Turkey will listen.

  4. George Bush continues to be the worst president in American history.


    Left by Soothsayer on October 17th, 2007


    “Bootlicker” continues to be an Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi, Leftist Traitor Nutbag Cus-Omac….

    Ho hum, what else is new?

    Apparently, nothing…still the same Traitor Nutbag Liar; who is CRUSHED by me, everytime he posts his Daily Cus-Omac Talking point LIES!

    Move along, nothing to see, just more of the same, dreary, pathetic, rote Feces from the Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Traitor Nutbag Cus-Omac….keep moving people, don’t waste your time…

  5. MataHarley says:

    Oh my, Soothsayer. Your visions of the future tend to be skewed by whatever it is that’s ailing you. For the rest of you, sorry about the length, but this one got me really going…

    The Reuters/Zogby specific poll questions are not posted online at the Zobgy site yet. Thus your vehement statement that Dems are disgruntled by the lack of impeachmentakin to one drunk rabbit pulled out of your hat. Try not to confuse your opinion with that of the rest of the nation.

    Since you’re such a poll fan, then you should pay more attention to the numbers that Americans want to win in Iraq, and not tuck tail and run, leaving Iraq to the global Islamic jihadist movement. And everyone’s united – royally PO’d Iraq’s not capable of standing solo yet.

    Then again, when the US was but just under two years old, we weren’t the model of perfection either. What you ask of the Iraqis we could not even do ourselves. As the much heralded corruption charge agains the Iraqi govt seems more pot/kettle when you look at the corruption rampid in our government as well. BOTH sides of the aisle stink with pork, hidden money for campaigns, and lies dripping from their lips with campaign promises that will not be honored.

    Turkey is ignoring an agreement with Iraq and voted to take action for cross border battles with Kurdish rebels because your buds in Congress, Lantos and Pelosi, have goaded them into it with their condemnation resolution.

    Compare Ms. Pelosi, taking the gavel in hand and saying “I accept this gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship.” Weigh that useless promise against a similar scene in 2000. Clinton was president, Hassert was House Speaker. When Clinton appealed to Republican Congress NOT to pass the Turkey condemnation resolution and avoid further muddying the Middle East diplomatic waters, they did so. Because it was best for America, and not for party politics.

    And that, Soothsayer, is an example for Pelosi as REAL “spirit of partnership”. Not this stealth “slow bleed” legislation designed to thwart the Iraqi’s quest for a free, self-sustaining country who is a partner in trade and intel.

    Your buds in Congress still have not funded troops, funded VA benefits and improvements, including Walter Reed Hospital.

    The more realistic assessment of low Congressional poll numbers is Americans fed up with them not doing the work they were elected to do. Legislate, appropriate and fund the needs of the country. They were not elected to “impeach”. That was not a campaign promise broken. And they were elected by very slim margins in most elections. So no landslide victories, except for Lieberman.. the ostracized pro-Iraq Dem who turned Indy when Dems kicked him out. Digest that ditty for awhile.

    According to Brookings Institute, civilians deaths have NOT “wildly spiked”, but are down. So dust off your crystal ball. And those that are killing the bulk of civilians (if many are not jihadists in burkas or recruited suicide bomber children ) are the bad guys… that would be foreign agitators, disgruntled IIS and Saddam loyalists, rogue militias, and whatever dupes they can scare into siding with them at the point of a rifle.

    Bush has a long way to go to match Jimmy Carter’s deplorable performance as a President for “the worst” award. Quite in fact, Bush’s historical judgment will not come until much time has passed. As there are still more questions about Saddam and terrorism than answers.

    What’s happening in Iraq was laid out in Saddam’s Insurgency Plan for his IIS – as laid out in a document retrieved in Baghdad in 2003. There’s an eleven point plant for action if the coaltion drives Saddam out of power. That would be document #CMPC-2003-016373. Instructions from Saddam are below:

    1. Demolish and burn all offices in the country, especially [those] associated with
    ours and other departments.
    2. Change your residence from time to time.
    3. Sabotage electrical power stations.
    4. Sabotage water stations.
    5. Recruit reliable sources and direct them to the mosques.
    6. Join with the Islamic Hawza `Alemiya in Najaf. [Translator’s comment: The
    Hawza is an Islamic religious teaching institution.]
    7. Associate with the national and Islamic groups and parties.
    8. Cease all internal and external communications.
    9. Purchase stolen weapons from the public.
    10. Develop relationships with those returning from abroad.
    11. Assassinate the clergy in the mosques. [Translator’s comment: Clergy here
    includes both Imams and orators (guest speakers).]

    Saddam had already been doing considerable business with Maulana Fazula Rahman (Pakistan) by 1999. That would be Rahman, a close associate of both Bin Laden and the leader of the Taliban, as well as the Egyptian jihadist groups where Zawahiri hails. They are THE big wheels in the ME for terror training – had jihadist contacts in place, and directed his underlings to deliberately seek them out to keep Iraq unstable.

    Zawahiri and Bin Laden were among two of the five signers of the 1998 World Islamic Front statement declaring war on America, her military, her civilians, and all who help or ally with her. This war will continue until the US pulls all out of the “Arab lands”. So the “redeployment” suggestions by the bozos running for the Dem ticket will do whit, nothing.

    Unfortunately, many will die before they get a clue to all they do not know, and refuse to learn voluntarily from confiscated regime documents.

    This is the enemy we face. And if you’d like to have a better perspective than your Chinese-recall crystal ball on who Saddam and the many players in that part of the world are, and their history as proven by both confiscated terrorist and Saddam regime documents, then pick up the book Both in One Trench by Ray Robison, a former Iraqi Survey Group member.

    Otherwise, you might need a new cyber handle…

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    The left is all up in arms for no impeachment, no stopping war funding, now it looks like people are flipping against the Armenian genocide resolution and they still don’t believe they can over ride SCHIP even though Move on is bringing out a new ad campaign today tying funding for SCHIP v Iraq.

  7. Terrye says:

    If Sooth thinks that Bush is the worse president in history then he knows no history.

    And I think this poll is an outlier both for Bush and the Congress. Neither of them have high ratings, but they are not this low either.

    Most of Bush’s have been in the mid 30’s, with a high of about 38%. And most of Congress’s have been in the low to mid 20’s.

  8. WWS says:

    The most comical thing about sooth’s rant is the claim that “non-combat deaths have spiked!”

    oh my god there were 6 car accidents this week and the week before there were only two! It’s George Bush’s fault – he made those cars crash! A good President will guarantee that no accidents of any kind will ever happen – and as soon as hillary is president there will never be a non-combat accidental injury anywhere, ever again!!!

    Of course if Algore were President there would never be any more car crashes anywhere in the world, ever, and no none will ever get sick, and everyone will live in peace and harmony with Gaia forever.


  9. whippoorwill says:

    Latest Gallup poll mid September

    Democrats 50 % approve 40% disapprove

    Republicans 38% approve 59% disapprove

    You know nearly half the congress are republican and there are at least some American’s who understand the term filibuster.

  10. WWS says:

    wrong meta-narrative, whipporwill. Filibuster isn’t what’s stopping things these days; it’s the pelosi-led dem’s inability to get around to mundane things like spending bills that’s driven their ratings in the tank.

    not to mention that the “brand loyalty” type polls of the kind you mention are the most worthless of all – everyone seems to like their own congressman but hate everyone else’s, regardless of affiliation.