Oct 09 2007

al Qaeda’s Masscre Of Muslims Continues, Shiites Unite, Calm Extending Across Iraq

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al Qaeda is continuing to execute its disasterous policy of massacring Muslims in order to demonstrate how it can lead Muslims to Nirvanna. It is a sick display of how fascists can become addicted to killing and maiming and torturing to the point they don’t even notice the fact their cover stories don’t even fool the most dimwitted anymore. So al Qaeda has ended the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan with piles of Muslim bodies and injuries. Of course all this does is validate the choice to fight them and destroy them, even if it means allying with America. Protecting your family and people will trump all political considerations.

The big news, also not being reported much since it illustrates more progress towards success in Iraq instead of failure, is the news that the warring factions of in the Shiite community are calling a truce in their sometimes violent power struggle. This means we will be treated to continued monthly drops in the violence in Iraq, and more cohesive political solutions could also follow.

To get a feel for the Iraq not being reported by the SurrenderMedia, check out Michael Totten’s latest reporting from the ground. These are the images and concepts not being conveyed by a stubbornly wrong SurrenderMedia:

“Now that the fighting is over,” I said, “what kind of work do you focus on?”

“Mainly on gathering intelligence on sleeper cells and support networks,” the colonel said. “It is much easier now. People here are very appreciative and cooperative with what happened and with what is happening now. If Iraqi Police officers or coalition soldiers go to people’s houses they are welcomed with open arms for food and for tea. Before the people here were not allowed to even look at coalition forces or they would be murdered by Al Qaeda.”

I asked Captain Dennison if American troops were still needed in Ramadi, which has not only been cleared of terrorists and insurgents but transformed into one of the most staunchly anti-terrorist communities in the world.

“We still take care of around 80 percent of the logistics for the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police here,” he said. “They’re doing great work, but they still need some help getting organized.”

“What are we doing here today, anyway?” I said. “Do you have anything to do here at the station?” So far all the Americans had done is say hi to the Iraqis and show me around.

“We’re just checking in,” he said. “The Police Transition Teams are out here are training them to do slower more normal police work, less kicking in doors and beating up bad guys. The Iraqi Police are still in a bit of shock from the hell of a few months ago. They are definitely gung-ho anti-terrorists. If anything, at this point, they need to dial it back.”

Another great report out of Iraq can be found in the UK’s Telegraph today:

In a town tucked tight against the Syrian border, US Marines pass softly along a darkened street as the crack of contact rings out. Instead of a panicked rush for cover, the leader of the patrol turns to cheer.

The familiar sound was not from the barrel of gun but the baize of an upstairs pool hall.

A transformation has swept western Iraq that allows Marines to walk through areas that a year ago were judged lost to radical Islam control and hear nothing more aggressive than a late-night game of pool.

Behind the shutters the Sunni Muslim residents of the province are enjoying the dividends of driving out al-Qa’eda fighters who had imposed an oppressive Taliban-style regime.

The popular uprising against al-Qa’eda by residents of Anbar Province turned former enemies into American allies earlier this year. The result was a dramatic restoration of stability across Iraq’s Sunni heartland. Husaybah bears the scars of the “terrorist” years – 2004 and 2005 – when al-Qa’eda and its local allies controlled the town.

Sweet shops are filled with customers, workshop churn out furniture. “It’s been a while since we hit any trouble,” said patrol leader, Corporal Kristian Bandy. “We get a lot of feedback from the locals now, they tell us where arms caches are and if anyone’s acting suspicious they turn him in.”

The effort is now to dial back the Iraqi security forces to a normal pace? We patrol streets filled with the sound of peaceful evening entertainment? Our efforts now focus on logisics – moving material around the country so supplies are available? It seems in many areas of Iraq we have succeeded to the point we are in the quiet of reconstruction. If you look at the mission the Dems propose for America in Iraq it is going on now in probably 75% of the country, if not more. Well, better late than never I guess. We are starting to see the dividends of our determination to win. Thank God we did not succumb to the Surrendercrats’ call for utter failure.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    Militarily, things are pretty darn good.

    There was a great article on the Suicide/Homicide Bomber from Syria, who has gone to Iraq to do his duty.


    It helps to understand his mindset. Here are a few excerpts:

    IN a small flat in Damascus, a young man in jeans and T-shirt draws frequently on a Gauloises cigarette as he describes how he dressed his brother in a suicide belt and watched him blow up some American soldiers at a drinks stall in Iraq.
    The young man calls himself Ahmed. He is 23 and he has a degree in chemistry. He knows all about explosives.

    Last year, he says coolly, he took 15kg of TNT, packed it into pouches with some nails and strapped the bomb to his 19-year-old brother’s waist….

    Ahmed had borrowed a drinks stall used by American convoys on the road that winds north from Baghdad past Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit. His brother was instructed to grab some bottles of cola in his free hand and head for a group of soldiers taking a break from their journey.

    “Go sell them some Pepsi,” Ahmed told him gently. “We will meet in heaven, you and I, and that’s a promise.”

    Ahmed says his brother kissed him, turned and walked away without a moment’s hesitation.

    “He had a smile on his face,” Ahmed replies. “He knew he was crossing to a better place where he would meet his maker as a martyr.”

    These were no psychopathic loners from the ghetto, but articulate, middle-class men in their twenties and early thirties who had come from good homes and gone to university. One was a newly married accountant.

    Yet all had reached the chilling conclusion that killing “sinners” would transport them to paradise.

    He had decided to fight in Iraq. His mother gave her blessing, saying she wished for Allah to accept him as a martyr if need be but that she would never forgive him if he became a prisoner.

    He had no regrets about his impending death: “There is nothing stronger than my love for God and seeking martyrdom,” he said brightly.

    As for his wife, he had already thought of his last message to her: “If Allah accepts my martyrdom, then I shall ensure that you are one of those I name to be salvaged and brought to heaven when your time comes.”…

    It’s all worth your time.

  2. stevevvs says:

    We are fighting Islam. The War On Terror is misnamed. Terror is a tactic they use. The Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira, are their guide.
    Until we find a way to change that, we will be facing this problem for the forseeable future. As Robert Spencer said recently, “There are Moderate Muslims, there is no Moderate Islam.” Islam is the problem.

    Study Islamic history, read the Islamic texts, the Quara, Hadith, and Sira. Learn the term abrogation,

  3. Soothsayer says:

    Calm Extending Across Iraq? WTF?

    Put down the crack pipes and get some fresh air: Calm? Unless you count:

    Two suicide car bombs killed 22 people in northern Iraq on Tuesday in attacks targeting a police chief and a tribal leader working with U.S. forces, part of an upsurge in violence that killed 56 across the country.

    The spate of attacks across Iraq, which also wounded nearly 120 people, marked one of the bloodiest days during the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

    Al Qaeda in Iraq has vowed to target officials and Sunni Arab tribal leaders who have joined the U.S. military to combat the Sunni Islamist group, pledging to ramp up attacks in Ramadan, which is expected to finish on the weekend.

    Also in Baghdad, a series of bomb blasts killed at least 11 people. And in the northern city of Mosul, authorities say gunmen shot dead a deputy police chief.

    The deadly incidents come as an Iraqi government report calls for the American security firm Blackwater USA to pay $136 million to the families of Iraqis killed in a recent shooting by the company – equal to $8 million per victim.


    IRBIL, Iraq: Plumes of gray smoke rose from hillsides as Iraqi Kurdish farmers huddled Tuesday to peek into craters they said were left by artillery shells that hit close to Iraq’s restive boundary with Turkey.

    Although Ankara has not confirmed any shelling of Iraqi territory, the Turkish military has said it was carrying out an operation to track down Kurdish rebels after a deadly attack that killed 13 Turkish soldiers Sunday in a clash in the country’s southeast Turkish province of Sirnak.

    Turkey prepares for raids into Iraq. Turkey is preparing for a possible incursion into northern Iraq as the government says it is willing to take all necessary measures against Kurdish separatists it suspects of hiding there.

    Nothing like a nice calm day with 56 dead and the threat of a Turkish incursion into the territory of our allies, the Kurds, who recently signed an oil deal with Bush-supporter Hunt Oil. Now that is some good old-fashioned CALM.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    What we do without the voice of doom and gloom? AJ, if you said white, this guy would automatically say black. I have never read the posts of a more negative guy.

    Al Quaeda, like the nazis in Germany, are made up of a good many criminals and thugs. More than likely the convicts Saddam let out of prison make up a great many of Al Quaeda’s “army” along with Iran’s troublemakers.

  5. crosspatch says:

    If you look at the overall picture, al Qaida is in serious trouble from top to bottom in all areas of operations. In recruiting they have lost the ideological foundation as religious scholars from every Islamic school of thought have condemned them. The Islamic Courts lost the government in Somalia though they can still stir up some mayhem (as could Al Capone in Chicago in the 1930’s) they no longer control any territory. They have had major setbacks in Algeria and Morocco. Their “spring offensive” in Afghanistan finds the Taliban about the same place they were this time last year but fighting an Afghan army that is one year larger and with one year more experience. in Iraq the Army and police gain in numbers and experience with every passing week. With large numbers of Sunnis now signing up, the forces are becoming better integrated and getting more so with every passing week.

    In Pakistan they are under increasing attack and being fractured. They find themselves fighting now in their own “safe havens”.

    Having lost the ideological foundations of recruiting, they are limited to recruiting self-loathing individuals hoping to redeem their miserable life through martyrdom. These people are basically interested in dying in order to better die as a martyr than live as a loser, and they are being obliged in that goal at an increasing pace in an increasing number of places around the globe.

    They have lost. Utterly. Globally. Totally.

  6. Soothsayer says:

    Lost utterly? Totally?

    Al-Qaeda has been from its inception a “loser” organization. First, its based upon superstitious religious beliefs, never a good idea. Second, it relies upon attacks against civilians to inflict its beliefs on others.

    But, with resepct to Iraq – Al-Qaeda has NEVER been more than 4-5% of the insurgency. It doesn’t matter that al-Qaeda Iraq is in disarray. They were never going to affect the outcome in Iraq.

    The problem in Iraq ia a 1,000 year old irrational feud between Sunni and Shia (a lot like Protestants v. Catholics in Northern Ireland – until everybody realized in was in everyone’s long term interest to get along) – with the added factor of the Kurds and their wish for a separate Kurdistan – which also rocks the boat in Turkey and Iran. And this will be an ongoing nightmare with or withou al-Qaeda.

    One thing for sure – the actions of the morons in the Bush Administration – an unwarranted pre-emptive invasion based upon lies and intentionally faulty intelligence – have been a positive for al-Qaeda and a negative for the US worldwide.

    And that doesn’t even begin to figure the damage done to our military by Rumsfeld’s incompetence*, to our finances thanks to the $2,000,000,000,000.00 in long term costs attributable to Iraq; and the fact that we dropped the ball against the REAL al-Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan by getting side-tracked in Iraq and further injuring our standing in the 1.5 billion member Islamic community.

    * latest outrage from DoD: the 1,162 Minnesota Guardsmen who were deployed in Iraq for 729 days. Kind of a funny number – 729 – it’s like one year and 364 days – why would you deploy troops for one year and 364 days – UNLESS YOU WANTED TO WEASEL OUT ON THE BENEFITS THAT GI’S WHO SERVE 730 DAYS ARE GUARANTEED.

    Way to support our troops, Mr. Bush, you low-life weasel!

  7. AJStrata says:


    The fact is al-Qaeda is 90% of the problem even if their numbers are low. This PROVEN by Anbar where removal of al Qaeda resulted in basically a peaceful province.

    It is your inability to understand how numbers relate (that nagging problem you have with math) that keeps you from seeing WHY things are changing.

    If AQ was only 5% of the problem we would not be seeing drops of 50+% in violence as they failed. We would see drops of 5%.

    QED: math is your friend.

  8. Soothsayer says:

    The fact is al-Qaeda is 90% of the problem even if their numbers are low. This PROVEN by Anbar where removal of al Qaeda resulted in basically a peaceful province.

    Regrettably not so, AJ. The numbers may be temporarily down, but the reason taking al-Qaeda out of the mix in Anbar lowered the numbers is that Anbar is a Sunni province, mostly tribal Dulaim, and so there is not Sunni/Shia violence as the Shia have already been ethnically cleansed from Anbar. You’re trying to extrapolate from Anbar in particular to Iraq as a whole, and its not a scalable situation.

  9. crosspatch says:

    First of all, I was not speaking of only Iraq. Al Qaida is under currently under severe pressure everywhere they exist and there is an increasing body of evidence that they are having great difficulty replacing their losses. One of the features of the organization was that it was sort of a franchise where each group was independently run but there was a common doctrine and certain amount of common resource allocation and coordination so the groups stayed on a specific course and didn’t work at cross-purposes. The communications and control that allowed this coordination is breaking down and so now we are seeing a certain “drifting” apart. The central control is being lost. The central planning and training areas are under increasing pressure. The more talented leadership is either captured or dead. They are unable to replace their losses, train new cadre, and operate in a coordinated fashion globally.

    I don’t mean to imply that they aren’t dangerous. It only takes one person to kill many. What I am saying is that as an overall movement, they are dying. They are dying from the top down and from the bottom up. The Taliban have been unable to hold any significant amount of territory for longer than a week or two inside Afghanistan for years. The media buzz is rife with obsolete buzzwords. Ramadi is still described as “restive” in some news articles.

    This winter and the coming summer are going to be times of pure misery for Al Qaida. They have lost the people. The Muslim population of the world did not rally to their cause. The world did not declare war on Islam. Bin Laden failed to radicalize any significant portion of the 1 billion global Muslims and failed to radicalize non-Muslims against Islam (which would help achieve the former goal).

    Simply put, they have failed.

    Beyond being able to simply kill people, have they achieved a single political goal anywhere on the planet? I can’t find one. The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, all failures. Not one single success story.

  10. Regrettably not so, AJ. The numbers may be temporarily down, but the reason taking al-Qaeda out of the mix in Anbar lowered the numbers is that Anbar is a Sunni province, mostly tribal Dulaim, and so there is not Sunni/Shia violence as the Shia have already been ethnically cleansed from Anbar. You’re trying to extrapolate from Anbar in particular to Iraq as a whole, and its not a scalable situation.

    Left by Soothsayer on October 10th, 2007

    This is what happens, when you give a completely ignorant Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Traitor Cus-Omac Nutbag access to the Internet and GOOGLE!

    Being the completely ignorant, bufoonish Crap-weasels that they are, they suddently think they are EXPERTS!

    The correct term for “Bootlicker” (besides Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi Traitor Leftist Nutbag Cus-Omac) is “Google-ert”!

    He wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground (especially since he spews feces from both!), if he couldn’t Google to find the correct orifice to eat thru!

    Now, we get his “analysis”, trying to disprove AJ, and of course the miniscule information he has imparted, due to his Google-tise, is not only wrong, and contradictory, but also typical Leftist Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Propaganda, being disseminated by the usual suspects; in “Bootlicker’s case, the BBC!

    Nuf said there!

    First: “mostly tribal Dulaim”

    NO Nutbag: “Dulaim” refers to a TRIBAL Conferderation, of over 31 Major Tribes in Al Anbar Governate (it’s not a Province, moron, but you wouldn’t know that!)

    Additionaly, I’m not wasting my breath, to give you a history lesson on Iraqi tribes, going back to 200 years, that’s like spending money on a $2 Hooker; a waste of time and effort.

    Bottomline is, if you actually KNEW anything about the “Dulaim”, instead of having just Googled it; you’d realize that it’s bogus what you said, and you also don’t have a clue as to the history of the Tribal Confederation, it’s leaders, and it’s ancestory; which is very important in the whole make-up of the situation over there.

    Bottomline: 31 Tribes, aligned in a loose confederation under a Mythical Ancestor named “Dulaim”, that is NOT possible to have produced the 1.3 Million inhabitants of Al Anbar today!

    “that Anbar is a Sunni province”!

    Ah, okay; mostly, but any boneheaded Google-ert already knew that; except you, you had to Google it….

    “and so there is not Sunni/Shia violence as the Shia have already been ethnically cleansed from Anbar. ”

    Ah, duh….you just said that Anbar was a SUNNI Province; now you say, that there’s no Sunni-Shia violence, because the Sunnis have extirpated the Shias!

    Ah, what SHIAS?

    In Anbar?

    That’s what you say, but just previous to that, you say that there are NO Shias in Anbar; WHICH ONE IS IT?

    Anbar has been a “Sunni province” for CENTURIES, MORON!

    There never were many Shias there; maybe less than 5% of the population, ever!

    And that 5% being Shia in Anbar, were NOT “tribal”; they concentrated in the two major towns of Ramadi and Falluja!

    But for the record, that ~5% Shia, HAVE NOT been ethnically cleansed from Anbar, as you state in your typical Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbag Traitor Cus-omac Ass-clown Crap-weasel manner!

    Sure, AL QAEDA in Iraq did attack and try to kill Shias, not only in Anbar, but elsewhere in Iraq, but they did NOT “ethnically cleanse” some SIXTY THOUSAND Shias from Anbar; freaking lying Nutbag!

    But then again, there technically can be no Shias in Anbar, to “ethnically clease”, because you state authoritatively with your Google-tise that “Anbar is a Sunni Province”; so in your mythical Sunni Anbar, there ARE NO SHIA to “ethnically clease” you freaking MORON!

    Additionally, your whole premise of Shias being “ethnically” cleansed from Anbar, by Sunnis, is another of your Anti-American, Leftist Pro-Jihadi Traitor Nutbag Crap-weasel Ass-clown Cus-Omacian Talking Points!

    PROOF: very simple; this new Leftist propaganda was started by none other than Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbag-weasel “Greg Palast”, working for the BBC, with his equally Anti-American Pro-Jihadi Leftist Crap Weasel BBC cameraman Rowly; they started this particular set of talking points, to counter the Success of the Surge, and the Report that General Petreaus gave to Congress; and their bogus Anti-American Propaganda has been picked up by all the Leftist Nutbag Traitor Sites, like the Daily Cus-Omac, and repeated ad naseum in the Traitorsphere, as all other looney conspiracy/BDS-afflicted/Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi RUMINT is!

    Hey Bootlicker; visit the bio section of the Wiki, and read up on your new Hero: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Palast

    and visit his website: http://www.gregpalast.com/

    That’s where your bogus talking points come from!


    What a Leftist “Hero”; Huh “Bootlicker”

    God you are P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C!

    Can’t you find a more credible source than that ass-clown for your propaganda?

    You are scraping the bottom of the barrel, Cus-Omac!

    But then again, as a dedicated Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi, Leftist Traitor Nutbag Crap-weasel, that’s par for the course, isn’t it?