Oct 02 2007

Summer’s Artic Melt Happened A Century Ago, Can’t Be Green House Gases

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Another shrill ‘the sky is melting’ article which includes the very information a REAL scientist would note as evidence that defies the cries of man-made Global Warming. For the man-made Global Warming theory to hold up the current warming must be without precedence since the boomb in human population and industrial output. That means we should be seeing things never before seen in the last hundred years or so. If it happened in the past (many times) then it cannot be man made because their was insufficient humans and activity to make global changes. So, with that little lesson in the blatantly obvious let’s look at the latest Chicken Little story on Global Warming from the NY Times:

The Arctic ice cap shrank so much this summer that waves briefly lapped along two long-imagined Arctic shipping routes, the Northwest Passage over Canada and the Northern Sea Route over Russia.

Over all, the floating ice dwindled to an extent unparalleled in a century or more, by several estimates.

Whoever wrote this is not scientifically gifted. These are the people who had trouble with grade school science. The minute it is clear the phenomena being discussed has happened before in the distant past it should raise alarm bells that this event is not likely due to human activity. The farther back in time and the more times it happened before then there is not likely at all the phenomena was man-made then, or man-made now. The best these people can say is it hasn’t been like this since 1979 – BFD. What is also noted is how poor the models are these ‘scientists’ use to predict the global climate. They can’t get ANYTHING right, even when it would seem (to a casual, non scientific eye) to be in their favor:

The pace of change has far exceeded what had been estimated by almost all the simulations used to envision how the Arctic will respond to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases linked to global warming. But that disconnect can cut two ways. Are the models overly conservative? Or are they missing natural influences that can cause wide swings in ice and temperature, thereby dwarfing the slow background warming?

Nope, the models are just infamously wrong – again. Really wrong. The fact is the ice is melting WITHOUT the required change in air temperature. That is what caught these people off-guard. They expected the air to much hotter when all this ice melted. That can mean only one thing – it isn’t the air! In other words, it is not the green house gases nor is it the miniscule amount of green house effect CO2 can exert (only 3% – well behind water).

This is how scientist process information. Objectively and without bias (or personal emotions). If the ice is melting faster than expected and at lower general temperatures then something else is adding energy into the system. I don’t have the water temperatures but that would be the first place I would look. If they are up a bit then it is likely solar radiation is heating the world’s oceans and that is accelerating the melt. I believe that this year in the artic water temps actually dipped. So that leaves one big culprit – the Sun.

Increases in Solar radiation, possibly only in certain wavelengths or on average, could melt ice faster without there being an incease in air temp. Water vapor cools our atmosphere and is a large heat sink. But radiation could pass right through and heat the water (think of how a microwave oven works, set on really, really low). This may be the final nail in the coffin of the global warming conspiracy theories. If we are seeing increases in solar radiation, even in only a few wavelengths, hitting the earth that could be the source of the warming. Not humanity.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    A Men Bro!

    Currently, while waiting for more Islam books to arrive, I’m reading S.Fred Singers Book: GLOBAL WARMING HAPPENS…EVERY 1500 YEARS. It’s awesome! Backs you up completely. And what is nice about it is all the footnotes in each chapter, are referenced at the end of each chapter. Therefore, you don’t have to wade thru a big section at the back of the book. They are all easy to access, and each chapter is fairly short to boot.
    So, in the unlikely event someone wants to read a good book on the environment, this is for you.
    Off to work, take care everyone!

  2. stevevvs says:

    Roy Spencer has a new book coming out soon. He mostly deals with Clouds and Water Vapor [Moisture] in his studies at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. And I’m guessing it will mostly deal with his area of expertise. Can’t wait. It’s an area mostly ignored. But it shouldn’t be.

  3. Terrye says:

    I read somewhere that the south pole is actually getting thicker, it is the north pole that is shrinking.

    And besides that it would not be called the Northwest Passage, if at some times in the past it had not been passable.

  4. momdear1 says:

    Re: Global Warming Hysteria.

    From 1985 until 1991 I served on the Board of Directors of a national “Environmental” Organization which was affilliated and worked with other national dissident organizations, encluding FarmAid which was orgnized and run by one of Hillary Clinton’s friends and which was also the former employer of Craig Livingstone who was one of the Clinton’s goons who illegal ly transferred info about Prominent Republicsns, gleaned from FBI files, to the DNC.

    By 1990, the militant radicals from the 1960’s Peace and Civil Rights movements had paid canvasers to go door to door all over the country with questionaires to find out what issues were of concern to which people. People were sorted into groups, then sent invitations to attend local, state and regional Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, etc, where they could network with others with like concerns and receive instructions on how to influence elected and appointed officials. They also received help in organizing local “grass roots” groups which were affiliated with the National organizations. And then encouraged to take part in national “actions” to publicize demands of all the other groups.

    By 1990, it was decided that the environment would be the cause that would unite the most people to support the call of “social and economic justice” because everyone had some big nasty something in their areas. The first panic was their phoney Alar in the Apples scare. One national leader was quoted as saying, “If you think what we cdid to the apples was something, just wait until you see what we are going to do to the tomatoes.” Apparently the Alar in the apples fiasco caused them to have second thoughts about the tomatoes. However, the same pseudo scientists who came up with “Alar in the apples” scare also did the research and scientific reports on global warming .

    Some, if not most, of these pseudo scientific reports are written by people who have Phd’s in such things as Psychology and Religion, yet they sign these phoney reports as written by Dr. So and So and the gullible public beleives they are experts in the fields of their writings.

    I know these people. They care nothing for the environment. their aim is to destroy the US economy by making it so expensive to do anything that Capitalism will prove as big a failure as their beloved Communism. They have not given up on Communism. They beleive it failed in the USSR because they did not practice it right and “when practiced in it’s true form it will work.” They will do anything to destroy this country.