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Sep 18 2007

Why al-Qaeda Has Lost Iraq, Why Dems Have Lost America

Don’t listen to Liberal Democrats in DC slavishly pimping for leftwing nut votes when it comes to Iraq. Only pay attention to those who go to Iraq and report truthfully, objectively and without any preconcieved agendas: I was greeted by friendly Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad every day, but the atmosphere in Ramadi was […]

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Sep 18 2007

Islam Reacts To Saudi Cleric’s Repudiation Of Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Keeps On Killing Muslims

The Muslim world is in the midst of deciding what to do with al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and all their horrific artrocities they are still inflicting on Muslims in Iraq. As I posted yesterday a renowned Islamist Cleric in Saudi Arabia had penned a repudiation of Bin Laden: A Saudi Islamist former dissident and prominent cleric […]

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Sep 18 2007

Making Russian Lemonade From A Lemon

I, like everyone else I would guess, just cannot buy the story that has settled down as conventional wisdom surrounding the movement of Polonium-210 through London now nearly a year ago, and the brutal death of Alexander Litvinenko from Po-210 poisoning. The ‘facts’ never line up with the story in a nice, neat and common […]

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Sep 18 2007

Never Confuse A Job Title With A Mantle Of Honor And Truth

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Too many people run around thinking people with fancy titles, like Federal Prosecutor, cannot possibly be wrong. They naively believe their word is god-like. We saw this idiocy with the Duke Lacrosse players, now that prosecutor has been kicked out of his job and spent time in jail. Another example is Ronnie Earl, the prosecutor […]

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Sep 18 2007

Richard Cohen Rightfully Blasts Hillary And Her Lack Of Spine

Hillary Clinton has a hard road to navigate to the Presidency. Number one she is a woman, and while that should not be a big deal, in this polarized political nation where Presidents win by a few percentage points, each handicap is in play. She also has the baggage of her husbands failed Presidency. But […]

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