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Sep 30 2007

Massive Numbers Of Iraqis Volunteer To Destroy al-Qaeda

In an earlier post I noted how 1200 Iraqis lined up for hours to join the fight against al-Qaeda. As the picture shows the line wrapped around the block. This was in one town in one area of Iraq. But it was by know means isolated, as the Washington Post is reporting: More than 30,000 […]

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Sep 30 2007

The Liberally Naive

In a world were tens of thousands of fanatical Muslims wake up each day think of better ways to try and kill as many Americans as their warped minds can conjure, there are people on the far left who are so desperate to pretend they do not exist they announce their self imposed blinders to […]

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Sep 30 2007

New Star Trek Movie, Probable Dud

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It is amazing what you can get when you Google ‘terror’. It seems a new Star Trek movie is in the works and it will include a Rider of Rohan as the Romulan leader. Instead it looks like we’re getting one of the long-haired Riders of Rohan as the Romulan leader – the same guy […]

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