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Sep 16 2007

How al-Qaeda Lost The War For The Heart Of Islam

al-Qaeda wins if it becomes the beacon of hope for Islam. al-Qaeda loses if it becomes the enemy of Islam – or, as the Sunnis in Iraq recently chanted in the streets of Ramadi, al-Qaeda becomes the enemy of Allah. al-Qaeda is NOT becoming the beacon of hope for Islam and IS becoming the enemy […]

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Sep 16 2007

Another Fantasy Merchant In The Liberal Media – A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing?

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What is it about the liberal media and how easy it is for charlatans to fake news stories? Is it all coincidence and bad luck? Or have they been allowing fakes to speak to America as experts for years for some yet to be disclosed reason. But fakes they are, as we see with the […]

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Sep 16 2007

An Islamo Fascist Nuclear Weapon

One thing is always a given in this world – we the people are out of the loop on the most pressing concerns to our country and humanity in general. The reason is the methods used to detect and stop major threats need to be protected under secrecy. Therefore we cannot publicize what we know […]

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Sep 16 2007

al-Qaeda’s Last Gasp In Iraq, Recruits Drying Up

al-Qaeda is not fighting the US in Iraq anymore. Their brutality and fascist blood lust have turned the Muslim Arab street against them, so now they battle mainstream Muslims. Those fighting hardest against al-Qaeda right now in Iraq are their one-time allies and supporters who would rather die fighting than let al-Qaeda in their midst […]

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Sep 16 2007

Zawahiri Controls al-Qaeda, Bin Laden Sidelined 2 Years

Intelligence officials, in an apparent warning to Dems to not do anything else stupid, have let it be known that Bin Laden has been sidelined as the leader of al-Qaeda maybe 2 years now, and the current top enemy for our nation is Alman Zawahiri: Intelligence officials have told The Sunday Telegraph that bin Laden […]

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