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Sep 15 2007

Shiite Shieks To Follow Sunni Brethren And Fight Islamo Fascists

The death of the Sunni Shiek at the hand of al-Qaeda thugs has not thwarted Shiia tribes from following the example made by the Sunnis of Anbar Proivince and banding together, with US support, to purge their areas of Iraq of extremists: American commanders in southern Iraq say Shiite sheiks are showing interest in joining […]

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Sep 15 2007

The Muslim War Against al-Qaeda Is On

Lots of people in America keep wondering when Muslims will stand up and denounce al-Qaeda and their Islamo Fascists ways. A lot of people wonder if we are in this War on Terror alone, trying to make Muslims act responsibly, they claim to not see Muslims wanting to act responsibly. Clearly they are not focused […]

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