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Sep 20 2007

More On GOP And Immigration

I just wanted to add some more thoughts to the post I started below on how the GOP will still lose Congress no matter how bad the Democrats perform because of their over-the-top stance (from a vocal minority) on immigration. For those of us who have allied with the conservative coalition since Reagan’s glorious two […]

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Sep 20 2007

As Islam Turns Its Back On al-Qaeda And Bin Laden

Atrocities. The one factor too many forgot to add to the equation for determining the trajectory of events in the War on Terror while it raged in the heart of Mesopotamia. Atrocities were supposed to have been at the hands of America’s robot-like, killing-machine, military. That was the mindset of the left from day one. […]

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Sep 20 2007

GOP Will Lose Congress In ’08 Due To Their Immigration Hypochondriacs

The writing is on the wall. The Democrat led Congress has irritated all but 11% of the electorate now that they are plowing new depths of regard public opinion discontent. This is less than half the support of the supposedly disliked President Bush. But the GOP, by letting hotter heads control the topic, have not […]

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