Sep 18 2007

Why al-Qaeda Has Lost Iraq, Why Dems Have Lost America

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Don’t listen to Liberal Democrats in DC slavishly pimping for leftwing nut votes when it comes to Iraq. Only pay attention to those who go to Iraq and report truthfully, objectively and without any preconcieved agendas:

I was greeted by friendly Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad every day, but the atmosphere in Ramadi was different. I am not exaggerating in the least when I describe their attitude toward Americans as euphoric.

Grown Iraqi men hugged American Soldiers and Marines.

Young men wanted me to take their pictures with their arms around American Soldiers and Marines. The Americans seemed slightly bored with the idea, but the Iraqis were enthusiastic.

Ramadi has changed so drastically from the terrorist-infested pit that it was as recently as April 2007 that I could hardly believe what I saw was real. The sheer joy on the faces of these Iraqis was unmistakable. They weren’t sullen in the least, and it was pretty obvious that they were not just pretending to be friendly or going through the hospitality motions.

What he said next surprised me even more than what I was seeing.

“You know what I like most about this place?” he said.

“What’s that?” I said.

“We don’t need to wear body armor or helmets,” he said.

I was poleaxed. Without even realizing it, I had taken off my body armor and helmet. I took my gear off as casually as I do when I take it off after returning to the safety of the base after patrolling. We were not in the safety of the base and the wire. We were safe because we were in Ramadi.

The Iraqis of Anbar Province turned against Al Qaeda and sided with the Americans in large part because Al Qaeda proved to be far more vicious than advertised. But it’s also because sustained contact with the American military – even in an explosively violent combat zone –convinced these Iraqis that Americans are very different people from what they had been led to believe. They finally figured out that the Americans truly want to help and are not there to oppress them or steal from them. And the Americans slowly learned how Iraqi culture works and how to blend in rather than barge in.

They are hunted now and must spend an enormous amount of energy avoiding detection instead of stirring up trouble. The former would-be “liberators” have become hated fiends who lurk in the shadows and lash out in rage at the society that has rejected them. Victory for them, in this place, is all but impossible now.

“Having the Arabic press note that AQI [Al Qaeda in Iraq] is rejected by Sunni Arab Iraqis is better than any message we could ever put out,” Major Lee Peters said.

This sea change will not reverse. al-Qaeda’s gruesome atrocities on Muslim Iraqis made sure of that. al-Qaeda cannot win in Iraq, it can only further alienate more and more of the Muslim community in the Middle East. The longer we stay and provide protection, the more and more communities will turn from al-Qaeda and work to destroy it. al-Qaeda has lost. The Democrats in DC cannot save them anymore. And that means the Democrats in DC have lost too. They bet on al-Qaeda winning in Iraq, they predicted months ago the war was lost – just as it was turning into a huge success. As I have said many times, all the Democrats future plans and hopes relied on us losing Iraq. In never being seen as the protector, the preferred ally. They put all their hopes into a future were Americans would always be the enemy, never the liberators. Never the welcomed guests. al-Qaeda screwed up their plans by being so vicious and evil that they turned an entire nation against the fascist aspirations of Bin Laden’s jackbooted thugs. As al-Qaeda lost Anbar and Iraq, so did the Democrats lose America. They nearly rooted for our failure. But America knew better and demonstrated that clearly in the election of Independent Senator Joe Lieberman over anti-war Surrendercrat Ned Lamont. That was just the first in many years of coming failures for the Democrats who hitched their futures to the fascists of al-Qaeda.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    Come off it: al-Qaeda has never been the dominant force in Iraq, and never had a chance to “win” or “lose” Iraq. AQI is what – 2-4% of the insurgency. Far more troubling is the Pentagon report on Iraq that came out yesterday:

    Security is deteriorating in southern Iraq as rival Shiite militias vying for power have stepped up their attacks after moving out of Baghdad to avoid U.S.-led military operations, according to the latest quarterly Pentagon report on Iraq released yesterday:

    “The security environment in southern Iraq took a notable turn for the worse in August” with the assassination of two governors, said the report, which covers June through August. “There may be retaliation and an increase in intra-Shi’a violence throughout the South,” it said, whereas previously the violence was centered in the main southern city of Basra.

    Iran has intensified its training and funding of the Shiite militia, and Iranian-influenced militias are believed to be responsible for killing the two governors, as well as for a nearly 40 percent increase in attacks using lethal weapons known as explosively formed projectiles, compared with the mid-February to mid-May period, the report said.

    The growing violence in the south is one factor making it unlikely that Iraq’s leaders — hampered by a “zero sum” mentality — will make headway in the fall on key political resolutions, the report concluded. “In the short term, Iraqi political leaders will likely be less concerned about reconciliation than with consolidating power and posturing for a future power struggle,” it said.

    And with control of both Houses of Congress, and looking forward to picking up as many as 40 more House seats, and 5-10 in the Senate, as well as the White House, it’s kind of hard to saythe Dems have lost America, seeing as how two-thirds of Americans feel President George W. Bush is doing a bad job, according to the Harris Interactive poll saying 67 percent of the 1,000 people polled earlier this month by Harris Interactive gave a negative assessment of Bush’s performance.

  2. Terrye says:

    And 80% think the Democrats are doing a suckie job sooth. The people that get the most support are the military.

    You know the betraying military that MoveOn talked about, or the homicidal maniac military that Hollywood makes movies about, or the cold blooded murderer military that John Murtha talks about.

    Bottom line soothie, your side does not have the votes because you don’t have the support. So you know what you can do with the polls and the propaganda.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I believe that whatever happened in Anbar and Diyala will happen in Basra. From what I’ve read, the locals are not happy with the “Shiite Talibans” who have stepped in to fill the void left by the Brits. No worry, Petreaus would already have plans to gain control of Basra and kick those Talibans out.

    AQ did have the chance to win this war in Iraq against us. Many locals were aligning with AQ in the first few years until they learned the truth about AQ.

    Indeed, AQ lost. The Democrats lost.

    Still am not sure how the ’08 elections will go.

  4. Dorf77 says:

    Lurk… when you find out how the final poll works out let me know, the stockmarket … etc…
    PS: I don’t even read the troll, let alone read IT.

  5. ivehadit says:

    Onward and upward! We are marching to Damascus!
    I am so proud of our military and our President. Methodically and with excellent intention, we are going to rid the world of the scourges that exist today.

    All the nattering nabobs of negativity can carp all they want. We WILL get the job done….in spite of their vindictive (and loser) ways!

  6. dhunter says:

    30,000 surge troops calming in western Iraq.

    Ivehadit, are you saying W. is taking Dem advice and redeploying to : SYRIA?

    Wow you really want to see Dem heads explode! HeHe…

  7. Dc says:

    AlQueda and other foreign wannabe jihadis that come from all over (including Europe), have “always” accounted for only a small population of the actual insurgency, but account for a large portion of the casulties (specifically among iraqi civillians). That’s not to mention the economic and social and political disruption that they calculate….as well as sectarian violence that “they” fuel by attacking one side to provoke the other into attacking.

    It’s the AlQueda attacks that kill hundreds at a time. They MORE than make up the lions share of civllian deaths…evne though they are small in number and their attacks not as frequent as they used to be. That was YOUR argument a few weeks ago soothie!! That data that things were improving in Iraq…was BS because even though attacks were down…actual deaths were rising…because of those spectacular bombing attacks (on that killed several hundred people) by Alqueda.

    Now, you saying the exact opposite to try and make a point here that you simply are lost to make. You are hopeless.

  8. Doug says:

    Soothie was Cruising Around Ramadi with impunity a year ago when Al Q was supposedly so fearsome.
    Didn’t even seem to mind all the beheaded and blown up children.

    Michael Totten Ramadi blog post
    With Hugh Hewitt
    Hewitt: Hour 2 – Hugh spends much of the hour reading the superb blog entry of embed reporter Michael Totten about the turnaround in Ramadi, and takes calls from listeners about it. 33 min

  9. Bootlicker: sorry, more of your Fellow Anti-American Allies biting the dust; really chokes me up!,2933,297140,00.html

    How do you cope, with your best friends, idols, and allies getting “offed” everyday, in record numbers!

    Casualty ratios in Iraq & Afghanistan are running 100 – 200 or your Allies to 1 American/Coaltion casualty!

    Of course, in your Kos’ian Nutbag Leftist Universe, that’s a “victory”!


    Keep it up, I’ll take those odds any day, Nutbag!

  10. With all the voter fraud that bush has failed to stamp out.
    The Democrats could lose and still win.

    No One has any idea how much fraud exists.

    Time to overthrow them all .

    THe Declaration requires it.