Nov 05 2006

Liberals Unhinged As Polls Head Right

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Boy, I thought the liberals were in deep emtional trouble over 2004 and their fantasy that polls were more accurate than ballots. Now the liberals, seeing their hopes dashed, are claiming the polls are no good. As Corker takes a lead in some polls (and you all know I am not very condifdent in the polls right now) this liberal is beside himself:

The judgment of the Times Free Press must also called into question because this poll does not take into account early voting, nor does the poll measure the impact of early voting on the election. Neither the Times Free Press nor Mason Dixon conducted exit polls during early vote. Therefore, the publication of this poll is questionable, and the use of Mason Dixon is more questionable. Responsible reporting requires comprehensive fact gathering, comprehensive fact gathering requires a measure of the impact of early vote on this election. The Chattanooga Times Free Press did not report on the impact of early vote; The Chattanooga Times Free Press failed to objectively investigate all aspects of this election and the polling in this election; particularly the impact of early vote. We need solid investigative, factual reporting in this election.

We must question the press, we must question the accuracy of their stories, we must question why the press will publish poll results, particularly if the polling company has a recent history of being wrong.

The news media questions our elected leaders, the news media questions the public, the news media must report the news fairly and impartially. As the banner of the Chattanooga Times Free Press reads it is the paper’s duty to “Give the news impartially, without fear or favor.”

Looks to me like the liberals’ arrogant confidence just got shaken to its core.

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8 Responses to “Liberals Unhinged As Polls Head Right”

  1. PMII says:

    I’ve thought the polls have been really slanted to the left during this election cycle. Could this just be to set up the law suits which are going to happen with every election the left loses except for the blow outs. Here’s hoping for a lot of blow outs.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    The Sunday news shows don’t seem to feel like the Repubs even need to go vote. Even Fox News Sunday panel feels like Repubs may lose both houses. Can’t figure why they are so negative. Sounds like they are only reading the NY Times and Wa Po.
    I guess we’ll know Tues. night. It will not stop me from voting.
    As usual a lot of the call ins on Wa Journal(CSPAN) are “Repubs” that are gonna vote for Dems. They always give me a good laugh.

  3. Mark_for_Senate says:

    Remove the ‘News’ media and the polls, just look at the facts on very important issues facing our times and the clear differences in the voting records of each party/house for the past four years, the current party platform/message, and who attempts to speak of issues and who slings mud? I believe there is a seething silent majority out there. I believe there are more ‘smart’ voting people than misinformed or uninformed despite the media slants. I predict gains by the Republicans in both houses, perhaps even by a large margin. I’m looking forward to incredible enternainment opportunities bound to occur on the air-waves for the next two months!

  4. AJStrata says:


    I watched the FOX News show and it just shows how insulated ALL media are from reality (not to mention statistics). These polls are based on statistical models and processes, and just like the global warming folks ended up misusing statistics into believing there was this big spike (the hook) in temperature (which was an artifact of applying the wrong mathematical equation at the wrong time), these pundits think these polls are rock solid. RPC is even falling for this. There is no way a 0.5% lead in poll averages means Allen is in trouble in VA. But they believe their polls because they have been right before. But that determination requires they are still accurately measuring a random sample, and clearly they are not. Their turnout models are just hosed. I showed how in the FL-13 race how you could normalize the D-R-I responses to a different turnout model and shift the results from +2 dems to +8 reps. TEN POINTS! And all I did was reflect the absentee polling ratios between the two groups. Ten points is 20 times the statistical difference between Allen and Webb RCP is holding. 20 times! One thing I know is math, and these numbers look terrible when you combing different angles and measures. They are not converging at all.

  5. crosspatch says:

    I suppose they are going to say that the Republicans have discovered some way to cheat before the election. Must be the Diebold polling software the pollsters are using.


  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    All Your Diebold’s belong to Us!

  7. gregd says:

    Wow, that was an amazing post. Irrelevancy (is he claiming that the polls are refusing to listen to people who’ve done early voting? If not, what’s his point?) and redundancy (all his points fit into 1 / 5 the words actually used), all in one.

    What a loser.

  8. Barbara says:

    Fox is becoming too liberal also. The night of the 2004 elections when it was learned Bush won. Some young guy and Uma whats-her- name were on the air. They looked sick. No smiles at all. You could tell they were devastated.