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Sep 09 2006

Democrats Are Soooo Confused.

OK folks, the more the Democrats talk the more confused the look (and they are surely really confused). We know the mantra is get out of Iraq ASAP. John Kerry memorialized 9-11 today with a panicky, doom and gloom assessment that America needs to turn tail now, as soon as possible. And now comes the […]

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Sep 09 2006

Dashing The Democrat Dream

John Hinderaker at Powerline notes what could be a political bombshell in the race leading up to this fall’s elections. A PA website has word that the PA Senate race is now a statistical tie between incumbent Santorum and challenger Casey: Members of Camp Casey in Washington unwittingly revealed to a source of the Fly […]

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Sep 09 2006

Sunni VP Calls For Reconciliation

The last thing the American left needs right now is the Iraq government unifying and resolving differences. And it appears that there is still a unified Iraq when we see the Sunni Iraq VP come out and publically implore the Iraq insurgents to set down their arms and join the political process. Doesn’t sound like […]

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Sep 09 2006

The Fall Election Choices

RCP has provided, as usual, a good picture of debate America is having on the run up to this fall’s elections. Today is a truly good day for comparisons as the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfled, and the previous Democrat candidate for President, John Kerry, discuss the war on terror and where we are heading. […]

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