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Sep 15 2006

Liberals Fear The Truth Of The World

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You can easily separate out the liberal news outlets from those trying to be balanced today. The balanced reporting cites Bush’s demand that Congress clarify what is admissable under Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. That over the top liberal outlets are running with “Bush threatens to shut CIA interrogation program”. The truth is the […]

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Sep 15 2006

Americans Should Not Die For Article 3, Geneva Conventions

If the Rep and Dem Senators leading the fight to gut our interrogation options in the face of a vaguely worded clause in the Geneva Conventions just stopped talking and thought about what they were saying, they would be surprised to find out they were interpretting the conventions in such a way as to violate […]

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Sep 15 2006

We Deserve The Whole Plame Story

From Day one (before I started this blog and was a poster on at Delphi’s Opinion Forum) I maintained the Plame Game was pure BS and spin propagated by a compliant press (which knew better) and rogue elements in the CIA (and now I believe in the State Dept.) Much of my intuitive reactions back […]

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Sep 15 2006

Elendil’s Plame Review

The following is an extensive comment posted by reader Elendil regarding the Plame Game. Some have recommended linking this on other sites so I am posting it as a separate post to make linking possible (since we have not added links to comments yet on this site. Now over to Elendil The Path to Plamegate: […]

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Sep 15 2006

Don’t Stay Home In November

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Every conservative can think of one issue not being dealt with the way they like. For too many this is becoming an excuse to stay home and basically punish those they disagree with. They think a round with Dems in charge will teach people a lesson. Well, I am here to say those thinking this […]

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Sep 15 2006

War? What War?

The Democrats have really screwed themselves this year, and we are only seeing the beginning of the damage they have done to themselves. A year or two of claiming Bush is a fear monger culminated in the foiling of a spectacular new 9-11 plot in the UK. This was followed by a laundry list of […]

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