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Sep 13 2006

FISA Requires Warrant To Spy?

I have argued many times that FISA never intended to infringe on the right of the military to snoop on our enemies. No one in their right mind would require a court warrant in WW II before we could acquire the Nazi’s Enigma device or the Japanese secret codes and use them to learn what […]

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Sep 13 2006

Armitage Is Not Being Truthful

I had been waiting to see what would fall out of the Armitage interveiws with DC reporters because it was clear Armitage or Novak were not being completely truthful. Armitage has been quoted as saying “his wife works at the CIA” or something vague to that effect. But Novak’s article exposing Val’s role in the […]

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Sep 13 2006

Dems Boxed In

This Schumer response: “Given the basic environment is in our direction, you have to stand up to them every time and show strength and that you are not afraid of them,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Was Schumer talking about our enemies? No, he was […]

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Sep 13 2006

Can Dems Pull Another Torricelli In New Jersey?

The New York Observer is contemplating the possibility that NJ Dems will try and pull another “Torricelli” by illegaly replacing their tainted candidate prior to the General Election. A candidate that was handpicked by the Democrat Governor (and party it is presumed) whose Senate seat the candidate (Menedez) now holds. My guess is the Dems […]

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