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Sep 12 2006

NY Times Reporters Trained On Subverting US Laws

The NY Times is in a world of hurt because they have been at the forefront of exposing anti-terrorism programs (not to mention misreporting all pertinent details except those most useful to terrorists). Now it seems the NY Times is training their reporters to subvert the law and hide how they get information to publicize […]

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Sep 12 2006

Lieberman – I Told You So

I know there are a lot of seasoned political hands out there in the media and the blogosphere, but the latest Survey USA poll up at RCP once again supports what I have been saying since the CT primary – Lamont’s numnbers with Democrats are inflated and Joe is sitting just above 50% in a […]

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Sep 12 2006

Chafee beats Laffey – Reps Hold Senate

While Chaffee is not what Virginians would want in a Republican Senator, his primary win means the GOP will, in all likelihood, will hold the Senate. Do I wish the country was more conservative? Most times. But I would rather have a beachhead in RI than another Liberal Democrat and Democrat Committee chairs. You get […]

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Sep 12 2006

If Cardin, Then Steele

Maryland was one of the Senate races I picked for a possible GOP pickup (along with WV – ain’t going to happen – NJ, MN and WA – not likely). If Cardin wins, which looks likely, then I think Rep Steele will win in the general election. I live outside DC and the black community […]

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Sep 12 2006

The Incoherent NY Times

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The NY Times is one of the most incoherent news organizations I have seen. After exposing the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program (which is nothing new per the Church Committee Report from 1978) and the SWIFT terrorist financial tracking program, and after all sorts of reports and editorials claiming Bush is hyping the war, that since […]

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Sep 12 2006

Oil Price Drops Significantly

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Well, one thing is for sure – oil and gas prices will not be an issue the Democrats can exploit and pretend they could do something about this fall, not with gas heading towards $2 per gallon. Of course the driver is supply and demand. And since we found a supply of oil in the […]

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