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Sep 06 2006

Hezbollah Violating UN And Cease Fire Agreement

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Is anyone surprised Hezbollah refuses to disarm in accordance with UN resolutions and agreements? Not me. Expect the Islamo Fascists to put on a grand show of violence and obstinance and preening for the US media in the run up to our elections. They hope a show of force will scare America into voting Democrat […]

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Sep 06 2006

Ground Hog Day On NSA

Lawyers and a judge attempting to determine the legality of the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program, and how it touches people here in the US, were stunned to realize the administration doesn’t see the NSA program a violation of FISA: In a move that surprised Judge Lynch and lawyers who have been following the debate over […]

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Sep 06 2006

NY Times Doesn’t Like Plame Answers, Wants New Ones

I am about Plamed out this week. But I had to post on the NY Times editorial today grasping for dirt from the Plame fiasco they expected but never materialized: Last week, it was reported that Richard Armitage, then deputy secretary of state, was the first to mention Valerie Wilson to Mr. Novak, and that […]

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Sep 06 2006

Two Plame Memos – Lots Of Questions

I was lambasting someone over at JOM for believing the INR memo that State created for Powell and Armitage couldn’t be the memo that Armitage learned from because I had seen a July 7th version, and there was a supposed internal draft dated June 10th for internal review between Grossman and Ford (author of the […]

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