Sep 30 2006

Now We Know Why The Baghdad Curfew

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There was lots of speculation as to why Bahghdad was sent into a daytime, complete curfew this weekend. Much of the thinking was there was an imminent attack which had been detected. Apparently that thinking was correct:

Iraqi forces placed Baghdad under a blanket curfew throughout Saturday after U.S. troops arrested a man suspected of plotting to attack the capital’s government compound with suicide car bombings.

U.S. troops arrested a security guard at the home of the leader of the main Sunni Arab political bloc on Friday.

The U.S. military said on Saturday the man was suspected of planning attacks on the fortified “Green Zone” and may have been linked to al Qaeda.

Good thing our forces were in country working with the Iraqis to foil this Al Qaeda plot:

The US military said a captured al-Qaeda suspect and members of his cell were in the final stages of planning an attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone.

An unprecedented curfew prompted by the arrest left millions of Baghdadis stranded at home without supplies during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The US military said the suspected al-Qaeda in Iraq member was arrested late Friday at the home of senior Sunni Arab political leader Adnan al-Dulaimi, where he was working as a personal bodyguard.

Al-Dulaimi is a member of the Iraqi Accordance Front – the largest Sunni coalition in the 275-member parliament, where it holds 44 seats – and the military was quick to distance the politician from the raid, stressing that he was “not the target.”

Someone needs to remind Murtha and the cut-and-run dems that it would have been really hard for the US to assist in stopping this attack from Okinawa, Japan. As the NIE stated, every failed effort by Al Qaeda reduces their credibility and impacts their recruiting. Unlike the calls for surrender by Democrats and the NY Times – which has the opposite affect.

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