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Sep 29 2006

Myth Busting on NSA Surveillance

I guess we need to inform the country about some of the realities of the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) and what is possible and not possible to resolve all the concerns for privacy protections. I say this because the house just passed a good bill on the NSA TSP. This topic is especially important […]

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Sep 29 2006

Sparring On Global Warming

As those who read this site know I am a Systems Engineer who works mainly on NASA programs now, but also has worked military programs. I have an extensive background in science and mathematics. I understand the world is warming, and has been since the Little Ice Age in the 1300’s. But I have not […]

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Sep 28 2006

Democrat Madness

A liberal judge has decided we, America, can only monitor terrorists who are overseas and contacting people in the US for one more week, like Al Qaeda will give up trying to attack us after 7 days. This judge is leading the liberal charge to protect possible terrorists in the US by saying it is […]

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Sep 28 2006

Democrat Disaster

In earlier post I linked to a drooling mad NY Times editorial where the Times goes off half crazed about the concept of declaring terrorists enemy combatants in a war and all that goes with that. I have been smiling all day because the Dems have decided to side with the terrorists and protect their […]

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Sep 28 2006

Time To Meet Justice

We are going to fry try some terrorists finally! After five years we get a chance to bring those animals who decided to use our civilian airplanes as their weapons to attack innocent people on 9-11 to justice . The idea we had to go through so much wrangling to try these murderers without exposing […]

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Sep 28 2006

Lieberman Still Trouncing Lamont

In case anyone cares anymore, Lieberman is still trouncing anti-war candidate Ned Lamont by 10 points, 49-39. In a three way race that is pretty bad news for Lamont. Here is the Quinnipiac poll page for CT. The details are staggering: In this latest survey, Lieberman leads Lamont 69 – 15 percent among likely Republican […]

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Sep 28 2006

The Dem Implosion Continues

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Hot on the heals of the NIE which clearly states Iraq is pivatol to success in our war against terror, the fall’s regularly falling gas prices, a rising stock market reaching new highs, low unemployment and surging consumer confidence, and poll after poll showing Democrat leads disappearing (in most cases) comes more news – the […]

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Sep 28 2006

Plugging Partisan Leaks

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Here is an interesting post regarding the hyped squealing coming from the press because the Congress is about to take actions to stop the leaking of classified information for partisan/political gain. We have seen desparate lefties who have taken an oath to protect this country by protecting our secret efforts to defend ourselves from terrorist […]

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Sep 28 2006

Major Milestone Achieved In Iraq – New Allies Against AQ

A major milestone has been achieved in Iraq’s path towards a peaceful democracy with the announcement of Sunni support to the Shia Prime Minister: Sunni tribal leaders who have vowed to drive al Qaeda out of Iraq’s most restive province met the Shi’ite premier on Wednesday, marking what Washington hopes will be a breakthrough alliance […]

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Sep 27 2006

Where In The World Is Osama?

Musharraf says Osama Bin Laden is in Afghanistan under the protection of a pro-Taliban warlord. Seems like a very possible place to wander back and forth across the borders and seek a sanctuary. Are we getting closer?

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