Jan 07 2006

Sgt Seavey Skins Moran and Murtha

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Someone get Sgt Seavey a medal, for speaking to power. Seavey took on blow hard Rep Moran, and the grand quitter Rep Murtha here in Northern, VA this week.

While these two partisan opportunists where slamming our great military and all their accomplishments, Seavey stood up and nailed both of them – and our embarrassment of a Govern Mark Warner. Seavey point blank blasted Murtha’s assertions about troop moral, spanked Moran for not attending a homecoming for 200 war vets from Afghanistan in his own back yard, and Warner for being a dolt.

Not only is Seavey going to be a hero for fighting the war of bigotry and partisanship here at home, he probably just cost Warner the military vote.

It seems Warner’s office decided it could not attend the homecoming, so sent a note welcoming the soldiers back…from Iraq.

That mistake indicates that Warner and his office had the attitude this was some run of the mill activity and all they needed to do was pretend to stroke the constituents. We all know it was a huge event to celebrate 200 brave souls making it home safe to their families after fighting a viscous enemy. By not recognizing the importance of this event, Warner signaled, loud and clear, how he rates the military’s sacrifices and efforts. We will remember this moment in 2008 Mark. You can count on it.

Michelle has the tape here.

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  1. luc says:

    Did you see also General Wagner at the same meeting? It made my day!

  2. Iowa Voice says:

    How The “Culture Of Cowards” Is Hurting America

    Many of you already know that last week, Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha had a townhall meeting. At that meeting, there were numerous lefties who, like the two Congressmen, are opposed to the war.

    As Mudville Gazette points out, Murtha and Moran had n