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Mar 28 2008

Taking Out The Islamo Fascists

The move in Iraq to take out the Shiite Militias is an interesting development. On the one hand President Bush is correct that the destruction of al-Qaeda as a force in Iraq has given Maliki’s government to move onto the next problem – the Shiite Militia’s under Moqtada Sadr’s control. If successful Iraq will have […]

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Mar 27 2008

Updates On The War On Terror 03_27_08

Lots happening in the war on terror if we look to Pakistan and Afghanistan today. The Washington Post has a story out today recognizing what my blog and others have been reporting from months (see here (October 07) and here (November 07) for some of my first posts on the subject). And that is we […]

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Mar 27 2008

NY Times Reporters Try To Defend Grave Mistake – Of Course Fail

Update at End The big news for the NY Times over the past few years was their treasonous exposure of the fact that the USA no longer threw away leads about possible terrorists operating in America. In a single sentence that is what the FISA-NSA issue is about when you strip away all the partisan […]

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Mar 26 2008

Saddam’s Surrendercrat Puppets In Congress, Working For The Enemy

Many of us conservatives still supporting the war efforts in Iraq and this President overall (which makes not ‘true conservatives’ of course) have many times stated the liberal democrats undermine our war efforts and do more for our enemies than for our nation, or for our troops fighting to protect our nation. I have said […]

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Mar 26 2008

Saddam Targeted America Using Terrorist

Just a year after 9-11 and the nation looks around the world to see where the next ones will be coming from. We had taken the save haven in Afghanistan away from al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but that was not enough to end the threat (only liberals are naive enough to buy that fantasy). As […]

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Mar 26 2008

Precision Without Purpose Leads To Confusion

I have worked on Federal programs most of my life. And while the people in the federal government are nice, normal people just like the rest of us – the environment of government creates bad habits. We all know it burns out creativity and initiative (which are punished for being disruptive and disrespectful of others) […]

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Mar 26 2008

Fly By 03_26_08

Lots of work to do today so I’m going with a Fly By of interesting stories across a range of topics this morning. First off is a disturbing tale of potential terror that broke a few years ago across our northern border in Canada: The so-called Toronto-18 is not the first group of suspected terrorists […]

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Mar 25 2008

New Pak Government Will Try To Replicate Iraq “Awakening”

Great news coming out of Pakistan’s new democratically elected leaders regarding the war on terror. The strategy being reported out today, now that the new government is in place, is one which attempts to replicate “The Awakening” phenomena that washed across Iraq last year – which made al-Qaeda and their ilk enemies to the local […]

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Mar 25 2008

Bin Laden’s Latest Rant

It is worth reading and pondering Bin Laden’s words to understand where we are at in the war on terror. Don’t expect the lazy SurrenderMedia to do the work it takes to actually comprehend a story or issue – they don’t have the intellectual curiosity to delve into things deeply. Heck, they snatch one line […]

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Mar 24 2008

Hard Lesson: There Is No Negotiating With Terrorists

Afghanistan and Pakistan are going through their own versions of “The Awakening” which washed across Iraq last year as it became clear al-Qaeda and their Islamo Fascist cousins are not something that can be tolerated or negotiated with. And it is a hard lesson to learn: Faced with Taliban militants burning down their schools and […]

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