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Mar 10 2008

Spitzer The Pimp? Or Just Another John? Where Did He Get The Money?

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Updates Below – even as a ‘John’ did Spitzer get bribes to look the other way? Democrats never cease to amaze: Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning. Mr. Spitzer, who was huddled with his top aides […]

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Mar 10 2008

Al Gore’s Global Warming Panic Frozen Out This Winter

What is poor Al Gore to do? He is not scientifically competent to begin with, and now he is facing the reality his credibility is being shot on a global scale. Let’s just imagine what Gore and his minions want – they want to cool the globe off (which means shorter crop growing seasons and […]

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Mar 10 2008

Fly By On The War On Terror

Meetings again all day so some short links to stories on the war on terror you won’t find on the mainstream news. Saudi Arabia’s top cleric has decreed giving to the ‘evil’ al-Qaeda is not good for Islam: Saudi Arabia’s top religious authority warned Saudis against giving money to charities and organizations financing “evil” groups, […]

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