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Mar 03 2008

Global Warming Snake Oil Ain’t Selling

Some interesting poll results show the alarmists who claim global warming is a man-made phenomena are not convincing the American people. In fact, the more Americans learn about the issue the less likely they are to believe the clap trap: If only the masses could understand the science of global warming, they’d be alarmed, right? […]

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Mar 03 2008

Saudis Round Up Lots Of al-Qaeda – NSA At Work?

The NSA is renowned the world over for its ability to surveillance just about anyone anywhere in the world. So I am curious if the Saudi actions this month and last to round up al-Qaeda operatives – who they claim are in contact with the al-Qaeda leadership hiding out in Pakistan or Afghanistan (or both) […]

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Mar 03 2008

TX and OH Predictions

Looking at the RCP poll averages for TX and OH I think Hillary will pull out a win in OH and make TX so close (if not a win) that she lives to fight on for the remainder of the primaries and into the convention. The TX polls are basically a tie, so even if […]

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Mar 03 2008

5,000 Oklahoma City Sized Bombs Laying Around Canada

There are days where you just say “what the f… are they thinking!?” What most terrorists lack is the fire power to do damage in sufficiently large doses. It seems Canada is riddled with such fire power: Just before Arctic ice closed the shipping lane last October, a Russian freighter carrying enough ammonium nitrate fertilizer […]

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Mar 03 2008

A Great Analysis On The Surge And Awakening

Engram at Back Talk has some excellent analysis on the drop in violence in Iraq, noting two important points: where the bombing of the Gold mosque ignited the violence and how the Surge and Awakening movement have brought back a relative peace. Here are two of the charts contained in the analysis which is best […]

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Mar 03 2008

Pakistan’s Hopes For Peace Dashed By Terrorists – As Predicted

Well, that did not take long. I predicted on Feb 21st that the newly elected Pakistan government was going to get a wake up call and that they need to forget about vengeance on Musharraf and figure out how to protect the people of Pakistan who voted by large margins for peace. Some snippets of […]

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