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Mar 17 2008

Clinton Has Succeeded In Dragging Obama Down To Her Level

Barack Obama had potential to be different (folks – don’t confuse my noting his historic opportunity to be some kind of support – he had caught a rare wave in America). I never bought into his fantasy “change” schtick because I am too old and cynical I guess. But he had a chance. But the […]

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Mar 17 2008

al-Qaeda Massacring Muslims – Again

Just as I finished penning this post on how the Muslim World is clearly rising up against the mindless carnage al-Qaeda is inflicting on its fellow Muslims, al-Qaeda executes another massacre of Muslims in Iraq: A female suicide bomber apparently targeting Shiite worshippers killed at least 33 people and wounded at least 50 in Karbala […]

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Mar 17 2008

Islam, Disillusioned With al-Qaeda’s Killing Of Muslims, Turns On al-Qaeda

I said many times last year the wave of Islamic rejection against al-Qaeda that began in Iraq would poor out across the Muslim world as stories of al-Qaeda’s bloody carnage played out in the Muslim street. When Iraq’s Sunnis turned on al-Qaeda it was a huge shift that was hard to envision happening, but once […]

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Mar 17 2008

Obama Cannot Recover From Wright

A lot of people were noting today how Obama royally screwed up his handling of his anti-American, anti-white pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. They note is lame lie that he was not aware of the inflammatory and hate-filled lies from Reverend Wright is a joke. And it was such an easy lie to bust – […]

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Mar 17 2008

Optimism In Iraq, Iraqis Want Us To Finish The Job – Wonder When Dems Will Get A Clue?

Want to know how Iraq is going? Don’t listen to the liberal democrats. Or if you do then just go with the opposite of what they say. They are the ones last year who said, despite what was being reported in Iraq form months, that the Surge and Awakening were failures and Iraq would never […]

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Mar 17 2008

Journalists: Liars Or Fools?

We have come to it with the ‘profession’ called journalism with the recent DoD report which highlights a decade’s old connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda’s number two leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. I READ the report and posted on it here, as did many others. The fact is the report provides clear and unambiguous connections between […]

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