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Mar 12 2008

al-Qaeda Plans To Kill In Iraq To Effect Surrender Via America’s Election

I have said for months that the SurrenderMedia only encourage al-Qaeda to massacre Muslims to obtain news headlines and force America into retreat and Surrender. Now we have an al-Qaeda commander admitting that this is in fact the case – and he relies on the SurrenderMedia and Surrendercrats like Obama and Clinton to do their […]

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Mar 12 2008

Global Warming Retreats

This is just too much: Satellite measurements available since 1979 show no warming in the southern hemisphere and the trend in the northern hemisphere appears to have waned since 2001. In August 2007, the UK Met Office acknowledged that obvious global warming had stopped. Paleo-climate scientist Bob Carter testifying before the US Senate Committee on […]

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Mar 12 2008

Interesting News From The War On Terror

Some interesting news is out there from the war on terror, of course being swamped by the news of Spitzer’s fall from grace. First off, al-Qaeda is apparently starting to fracture from the pressure, which has apparently manifested itself with some infighting: Internal divisions between Saudi and Egyptian leaders of al Qaeda are producing “fissures” […]

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Mar 12 2008

Yep, Spitzer Is Trying To Pull A Clinton

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Arrogance. Pure, (adulterous,) arrogance is driving the Governor to try and hang on despite the fact he clearly violated his law enforcement position in allowing and participating in a crime, which he prosecuted in other cases. He picked which criminals would go to jail and which would service him. He played emperor not Attorney General. […]

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