Mar 24 2008

Hard Lesson: There Is No Negotiating With Terrorists

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Afghanistan and Pakistan are going through their own versions of “The Awakening” which washed across Iraq last year as it became clear al-Qaeda and their Islamo Fascist cousins are not something that can be tolerated or negotiated with. And it is a hard lesson to learn:

Faced with Taliban militants burning down their schools and killing their people, the elders of this impoverished province took a drastic step. They went behind the backs of the American military and their own government to negotiate with the Taliban.

But Haji Hashem, chairman of Zabul provincial council, learned an important lesson when he and other leaders sat down with Taliban commanders, one he was reminded of Monday after weekend carnage left more that three dozen Taliban dead: negotiating with the insurgents simply is not a viable option.

“At first, we negotiate. Otherwise the fight is the only way we can solve the problem. It’s the second best way,” Haji Hashem, chairman of Zabul provincial council, told Canwest News in an exclusive interview from the capital of remote and impoverished Zabul province that borders Pakistan.

“I don’t like to hear about death,” Mr. Hashem said. “Sometimes NATO has to fight.”

Mr. Hashem’s comments came after a weekend in which a major offensive by coalition and Afghan forces left several dozen Taliban fighters dead in neighbouring Uruzgan province. Here in Zabul, nestled between Canada’s base in Kandahar province and the border with Pakistan, the local Afghan police also killed four Taliban insurgents on the weekend.

“If they stand against the government, we should get rid of them,” Mr. Hashem said. “I am hopeful we will have good police.”

Given the choice between extremism and terrorists being killed it seems most sane people will chose killing terrorists. A fact the SurrenderMedia and Surrendercrats still have yet to come to grips with. When the choice is the West or Terrorists, even Muslims prefer to ally with the West. Imagine that?

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