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Mar 20 2008

Obama’s Church Allied With Hamas, Which Align Osama Bin Laden’s Plans Against Israel

Boy, this year’s presidential race is turning surreal. At the same time Osama Bin Laden calls for jihad against Israel (presumably to divert US and international forces from their plans to take out al-Qaeda’s last refuge in the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan) we learn Democrat presidential candidate Obama’s church was distributing Hamas […]

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Mar 20 2008

Few Pakistani Tribes Support Violent Jihad

OK, who knows how accurate this poll is, but it does support other reporting from Pakistan that al-Qaeda and their virulent and violent tactics are creating a rejection of extremist Islam (see here, here and here for recent examples): LAHORE: Only 17 percent of tribesmen are in favour of armed jihad, while 57 percent believe […]

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Mar 20 2008

Major Action Planned For Afghanistan and Pakistan – Pakistanis Rejecting al-Qaeda

The movement of US and NATO forces along the Afghan-Pak border, as well as the positioning of Pakistani forces along the southern boundary of the tribal areas of norther Pakistan, have been clear indicators of pending actions against al-Qaeda’s last refuge. Now confirming reporting on the planned actions, and possible Taliban and al-Qaeda responses, is […]

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Mar 20 2008

Why Obama’s Speech Failed

Bumped: Update Below – Dems tanking against McCain I have watched a lot of people swoon over the Obama speech, and a lot of people challenging it. Seems it was mostly a wash. Personally few speeches move me unless the topic is right and the person believes in it. Both were missing in Obama’s speech […]

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Mar 20 2008

Bin Laden In Toonland

When I heard Bin Laden was going to make a big announcement on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq I was curious as to what he would say. Would he threaten a new wave of atrocities against Muslims in Iraq? Would he threaten to take over Pakistan or Afghanistan? Would he tell America to […]

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Mar 20 2008

SurrenderMedia Fantasies

Had to laugh at the SurrenderMedia today as they tried to digest the 5th anniversary of our invasion of Iraq. After their inability to grasp the threats and risks of this complex and dangerous world – so well illustrated when they declared the fact that Saddam Hussein was working with Ayman Zawahiri (AQ’s number two […]

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