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Mar 08 2008

How Bad Off Is The GOP This Year? We will Learn A Lot Today

Final Update: It seems there may be more at play in this special election than one of my readers first indicated (and then denied – the comments are there for folks to parse). Another reader, WWS, notes this factor: Foster’s ads reminded voters that Oberweis — who campaigned on a very hard line against illegal […]

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Mar 08 2008

Muck-Raking BS Using Amateur ‘Experts’

The liberal media and pundits are so technically illiterate it is sometimes scary. And this complete illiteracy leads them to wild-eyed fake accusations based on the ‘testimony’ of ‘experts’ who are not experts and cannot hold a candle to some of us professionals in the telecommunications business. While I would not even consider myself a […]

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Mar 08 2008

Time To Assess Our Failed Conservatism

Want to know why conservatism is on the rocks? I claim it is the purity wars where some claim superiority over all others, and emphasize their ‘true conservatism’ by calling their so-called allies names like ‘traitor’ and ‘RINO’. This all stems form the inability to lose one’s case with honor and maturity in a democracy. […]

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Mar 08 2008

Bloggers Doing The Analysis ‘Journalists’ Too Lazy To Do

Engram over at Back Talk has posted an extensive piece on why the liberal media and Surrendercrats are, to be kind as possible, ignorant of what they speak regarding al-Qaeda and Iraq. Engram’s piece notes how al-Qaeda shifted its forces and suicide bombers to Iraq in 2003 and has been the foreign force in country […]

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Mar 08 2008

Clinton Has Exposed Obama’s Inexperience

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