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Nov 13 2007

Hillary’s Implosions

Captain Ed has one of the better (and more succinct) round ups on Hillary’s foibles. I especially like the complaints from the left, which tend to be more on “is this a fair process” kind of whine? Look, if Hillary can’t manage and control a party nomination campaign she sure as hell can’t lead this […]

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Nov 13 2007

Tancredo’s Hypocritical Exaggerations And Crass Opportunism

Addendum: After listening to this dumb ad again I realize one more thing that really bothers me about it. Not only does it reference “20 million illegals taking our jobs” (which is a crock, no illegal is after his job or my job and I don’t go after theirs), but it equates immigrants to terrorists. […]

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Nov 13 2007

New Jihadi Manual To Renounce al-Qaeda’s Failed, Violent Tactics

Addendum: Reader Kathie notes none of this would be happening if we had not gone into Iraq and exposed al-Qaeda’s true brutal nature. The Muslim world would still be naively singing al-Qaeda’s praises instead of distancing themselves from its atrocities if we had not taken the battle to them. A very good point Kathie! – […]

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Nov 13 2007

Iraqis “Piling On” al-Qaeda

Now this is piling on! US and Iraqi troops, plus local citizens, kill 15 suspects in daylong battle south of Baghdad The fighting took place Monday in Adwaniyah, a town near the Tigris River about 20 kilometers (13 miles) south of Baghdad, the military said in a statement. It began when between 30 and 45 […]

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Nov 13 2007

Lieberman For GOP Vice President

Bill Kristol has said what I originally drafted – and then deleted – in my recent post on Joe Lieberman. And that is Lieberman would be a great Vice President under a Giuliani (or other moderate GOP) Presidency. Personally I think it would be an outstanding idea and a clear indication to the fringes, left […]

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Nov 13 2007

CBSNews Writers May Strike

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The world of fiction lovers is may be facing a very trying time as CBSNews ‘writers’ may show their solidarity with their Hollywood cousins in striking. It would seem the make beleive in Hollywood and at CBSNews is more coupled than anyone imagined. If CBSNews went dark no one would care. No one. In fact, […]

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Nov 13 2007

Our Success In Iraq Is Allowing For US Troop Reductions!

Oh my, what will the Democrats try to “reverse” now in Iraq with success being so far along we are now reducing our troop strength (cautiously so as to NOT lose all the gains we have fought and died for over the last 6 months): The first big test of security gains linked to the […]

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Nov 13 2007

Bush Lied? No Saddam Lied (And The Far Left In America Lied)

Well, NBC is just burst the fantasies of a lot of far left liberals who keep claiming Bush lied about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction in order to start the Iraq war. It turns out it was all a massive deception on the part of Saddam Hussien (not Bush) who DELIBERATELY let America (and […]

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Nov 13 2007

Obama Exposes Liberal “Dislike” For People Of Religion

Occasionally Rush Limbaugh hits one out of the park, and yesterday was one of those days. It really wasn’t Rush who made the news, it was Barak Obama. Rush just happened to capture the audio of Obama exposing the true feelings Democrats and Liberals have for people of faith in America. Here is the transcript […]

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