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Nov 09 2007

Joe Lieberman – American Statesman

If I had to vote for a Democrat for President Sen Joseph Lieberman would be at the top of my list. He understands the reality we are in, and he also has no problem pointing out the delusions of those who refuse to face up to that reality: “Iraq has become the singular litmus test […]

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Nov 09 2007

America Is Not Interested In Liberal Fantasies About Iraq

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I was laughing out loud when I read the news that fictional films about liberal fantasies regarding our war against Islamic terrorists and the war in Iraq (part of the broader war on terrorism) are tanking at the box office: The wave of recent films set against the backdrop of war in Iraq and post-9/11 […]

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Nov 09 2007

Anbar Awakening Shiek Comes To America To Give Thanks

In the continuing wave of incredible events which demonstrate the sea change in Iraq’s fortunes a Sunni Sheik, who now leads the Anbar Awakening which rose up to purge Anbar Province of al-Qaeda, has come to America to personally thank the community of soldiers who helped liberate his people from al-Qaeda’s butchers and the atrocities […]

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Nov 09 2007

Terrorists In Iraq Running Out Of Material

It seems the Surge and other coordinated efforts by the Iraq government have had a serious impact on the logistics train the terrorists require to sustain their atrocities against Iraqi Muslims: November 9, 2007: The various terrorist groups in Iraq, especially the Sunni Arabs and al Qaeda, appear to be having supply problems. In a […]

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Nov 09 2007

Surrendercrats: Surrender Iraq Or No Money

The Democrats are playing a losing game – specifically because they keep pushing for a US failure at all costs. Yesterday the Surrencercrats announced they would ONLY fund a defeat in Iraq, as they play General and President and work to create a Vietnam out of all the progress seen in Iraq since the Surge: […]

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