Nov 13 2007

Iraqis “Piling On” al-Qaeda

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Now this is piling on!

US and Iraqi troops, plus local citizens, kill 15 suspects in daylong battle south of Baghdad

The fighting took place Monday in Adwaniyah, a town near the Tigris River about 20 kilometers (13 miles) south of Baghdad, the military said in a statement.

It began when between 30 and 45 militants on foot attacked checkpoints set up by local citizens who recently began working with U.S. troops in the area, the military said. Other al-Qaida fighters followed in trucks mounted with high caliber machine guns, it said.

The local citizens were aided by another neighborhood group from Hawr Rajab, a town close to Adwaniyah, the statement said. With their help, as well as with backup from U.S. and Iraqi troops, they were able to keep the militants from taking over the checkpoints, it said.

al-Qaeda tried and failed. Before it use to kill and maim at will. Now it cannot even get close to its targets and is being dealt one blow after another – typically at the hands of Iraqi Sunni Muslims! Imagine that after 9-11? Who would have predicted Iraqi Muslims would take up arms to destroy al-Qaeda’s presence in Iraq back then? But it is happening now. The success stories are becoming too numerous to link to even on a half day basis! Even liberals deep in BDS denial cannot hold off the wave of good news coming out of Iraq.

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