Nov 13 2007

Bush Lied? No Saddam Lied (And The Far Left In America Lied)

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Well, NBC is just burst the fantasies of a lot of far left liberals who keep claiming Bush lied about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction in order to start the Iraq war. It turns out it was all a massive deception on the part of Saddam Hussien (not Bush) who DELIBERATELY let America (and Iran) believe he had WMDs:

PETE WILLIAMS: Saddam Hussein told his American captors that he so feared Iran, he wanted Iranian leaders to believe that he had nuclear and biological weapons. So he planned to fool the U.S. by, among other things, stalling U.N. inspectors to make it appear he had something to hide, weapons of mass destruction or WMD. But he hoped the post-Gulf War sanctions on Iraq would dissolve, allowing him to pursue a nuclear capability. That’s what he told the only American to extensively debrief him after he was captured in 2003, according to investigative reporter Ron Kessler.

Emphasis mine. I know those in deep denial on all things Iraq on the left will have to dismiss this news (like all news on Iraq these days) in order to salvage their egos, but the SurrenderMedia only grudgingly gives ground to reality so there may be more to this story than the stunning fact Saddam deliberately left America with the suggestion he had WMD. My guess is these vague other means NBC is hinting at in the text I highlighted were more direct efforts. Like planting his operatives in the refugees escaping Iraq. What if the infamous “Curveball” was a Saddam misinformation operative? What if the evidence Colin Powell presented at the UN were Saddam’s fabrications?

Saddam Hussien has a record at making dumb ass strategic decisions. It was one of his characteristics which made his access to WMD and contacts with al-Qaeda (he had the contacts, we just don’t know how close the two organizations worked – we do know they planned on working together). His war with Iran was a dumb move as was his invasion of Kuwait. He was a brutal idiot. So I am not at all surprised he would actually believe that EU powers like the French would be able to hold America’s hand against a strike on Iraq. He could easily be this naive – and with French and Russians claiming they would do what they could to stop an American attack he may have had some reason to believe this. Saddam has made these blunders before.

So, now it was not Bush lied and people died, it is Saddam lied and people died. Boy, that just doesn’t have the same punch of fanatic paranoia the Bush slogan implies. As Iraq progresses towards a success the fallacies of the far left will become more and more apparent. And they will pay a heavy political price for being so anti-American (and yes, Bush is the President of America right now). The GOP learned this lesson with the Clinton impeachment. Don’t cry ‘wolf’ against our leaders unless you have undeniable evidence and our 100% correct. So far the left is batting a big zero.

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  1. dude1394 says:

    How “interesting” that this has taken so long to be publicized. Wonder why?