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Nov 17 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Going The Way Of “Bleedings”

There was a time when scientists and doctors thought the best way to cure the diseases plaguing humanity was to bleed the poisons from them. Besides not doing anything productive the process could actually have a bad effect and weaken the patient enough to kill them. As dumb as this sounds it was the best […]

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Nov 17 2007

They Don’t Call It The “Clinton News Network (CNN)” For Nothing

So Clinton’s have been ‘planting’ questions and questioners at events. Colored me incredibly not shocked. As I said before, front people get out and talk to the folks at events and discuss optional topics and try and push discussions towards their candidates strengths. Sadly, Clinton has so few actually, tangible strengths her team must push […]

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Nov 17 2007

Analysts See Bush Leaving Office With Success In Iraq

A few months back two analysts blew open the conventional wisdom on Iraq when, upon their return from that country, they wrote a NY Times article claiming victory in Iraq was possible. One hilariously obvious line from the one of the follow up articles was this quote by Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institute: In […]

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