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Nov 12 2007

al-Qaeda Will Quit Iraq (No Matter What SurrenderMedia Wishes)

al-Qaeda has a choice to make – quit Iraq and survive to rebuild another day or continue to massacre Muslims and become the enemy of Islam. While the liberal far left in America keeps pretending Iraq and the war on terror are not at a cross roads, the anger, hatred and vengeance that Iraqi Muslims […]

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Nov 12 2007

Hollywood Goes Silent – And Nobody Cares

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For a strike to work you need to make sure what you are pulling from the public the public will miss. Hollywood’s stories have become so stale, so low-brow, so predictable it is hard to find something original. We watched commercials for the NBC comedy line up tonight and just shook our heads. Wasn’t funny […]

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Nov 12 2007

Liberals Now Claim Success In Iraq Is Too Late To Report

In the continuing joke of denial by the liberal left that things are turning around in Iraq we now have a new spin: it is too late for success to be recognized, even if it is happening. This comes from one of those liberals who cannot emotionally face the fact that (a) Iraq was tough […]

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