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Nov 22 2007

More Media Ignorance On Stem Cells

The proponents of embryonic stem cell research continue to deny their mistakes in light of the new process of turning skin cells into stem cells. And they continue to try and rationalize why they were not that wrong, and in the process exposing their gaping ignorance of the basic science of biology that is at […]

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Nov 22 2007

No Wonder Iraq Went Downhill Before It’s Path To Success

You know the general in charge can really make a difference in a war. Just look at General McClellan and General Grant in the civil war. General McClellan was unimaginative and risk adverse, and therefore let the civil rage for two bloody years to basically a stalemate. The North had the people and resources to […]

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Nov 22 2007

al-Qaeda Losing Steam, Losing Support, Now Attacking Fellow Muslims

The SurrenderMedia continues to carry al-Qaeda’s water for them by carrying every successful attack al-Qaeda pulls off (which are becoming few and far between). The good news is the sea change in Iraq has basically forced them to start reporting stories that tell the complete picture – the Iraqis standing up to al-Qaeda. To me […]

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Nov 22 2007

Liberal Pretzel Logic On Iraq

Boy, the far left is tying itself into mental knots trying to throw cold water on the Iraq war and its path to success. Needless to say the Twisted Logic Express is being led by the Gray Lady herself. Check out this headline, and then compare it with what is actually being reported on (and […]

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