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Nov 08 2007

Is America Awakening To The Changes In Iraq

I ran across an interesting poll trend regarding America’s views on Iraq (see here for the graph of opinion trends and here for the rationalized denial things are changing). The trends in public opinion track, with a reasonable rersponse delay due to some reasonable ‘wait and see’ hesitancy, with the results of the Surge on […]

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Nov 08 2007

America Will Turn To A Strong, Centrist Conservative As President

While the years long fight against Islamo Fascism is taking a toll on Americans, we all know we cannot afford to lose this battle. We all know, now that we have al-Qaeda on the ropes, the last thing we can do is let up and start trying to reason with them as equals. The murderous […]

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Nov 08 2007

The Second “Awakening” Is Coming To The Liberal Media

As events in Iraq tear apart the fantasy world of the liberal media and congressional leaders – who see the world through stale, Vietnam-era eyes – we will see a “second awakening” as the liberal media faces up to reality. The first “awakening” was of course the wave of realization that washed through the Iraqi […]

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